Dr. A -- Helping Students To Find A Career


Dr. Luis C. Almeida is the Chair of Mass Media Studies at Talladega College. He has presented and published media articles in peer-reviewed conferences and journals in the United States and abroad for almost 15 years.  He has taught a number of college courses in his career. He is currently teaching Intro to Mass Communication, Research Methods, Communication Theory and Senior Project. Dr. Almeida is currently ranked Top 18 best Landscape and Nature photographers in the United States on the global YouPic platform with more than 25 inspirational photos. 

Dr. Luis C. Almeida, Ph.D. is a 5-time DOWNBEAT® Music Award Winning producer, co-audio engineer, post-production album marketing leader, and faculty advisor who has won in the categories of Best Jazz Group, Best Blues/Pop/Rock Group, Best Studio Engineered Recording, and Best Live Recording (x2).

His audio production and engineering credits include co-produced albums with EMMY® and GRAMMY® Award Winner, Dr. José Valentino, (1) “A New Standard” by Various Artists, (2) “Let’s Do Better” by Luis Almeida, and (3) “Conga Suite” by Robert Acevedo Jr.

Dr. A and Students
Dr. A Supporting Students of Different Ethnicities

Teaching Assignments

In a period of 14 years, Dr. A has taught a number of college  courses at the bachelors, master and doctoral levels, in face-to-face, hybrid and distance learning formats. He has taught  DIGM 365 — Innovation And Social Media, COMM 493 — Applied Social Media, COMM 354 — Intercultural Communication, COMM 250 — Basics of Digital Photography, COMM 270 — Web Design,  COMM 331 — Photojournalism, and COMM 300 — Research Methods and other courses in multiple universities. 

Advising Agenda

Dr. A is currently advising dozens of students with understanding that failure shouldn’t define who anybody is especially in the short term, if one’s goal is to better understand what success is. He emphases the importance of being gracious in life to his students. Dr. A cares so much for advising that he decided to write an eBook exclusively to help his students to better understand the many challenges in life in quote format. Tidbits by Dr. A is a collection of provocative quotes written by Dr. A. 

Research Expertise

Dr. A holds a traditional definition of what research in communication is. To him, research means publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals, presenting in peer-reviewed academic conferences, writing research proceedings and scholarly books containing a multitude of academic citations. Dr. A has published articles and presented academic conference presentations relating to the new media in a number of national and international journals. He currently serves on TV as a tech expert. 

The Caring Professor

Dr. Almeida is a college professor who cares and is constantly interacting with students in order to better serve and find the best in them. It isn’t atypical for him to stop in the middle of the hallway and start engaging with students, literally. He takes this approach in order to expose students to his personality outside the classroom, which he believes is important for students to be acquainted with — the personality of a professor outside the classroom. 


The Latino Professor

He has also contributed to the Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S. During his career in higher education, he has helped hundreds of latino males and females to graduate from college in multiple states. Minority students overall and latino students in particular, seek Dr. A for comfort and advise about life in and after college. He is able to speak with latino students in their mother language creating an immediate rapport with latino students.  

The Citizen Professor

Dr. A is a great department citizen who celebrates his colleague’s victories and is often seen on campus speaking with professors from different departments. He finds enjoyment in collaborating with peers and seeing his institutions succeed. Always smiling and with a positive attitude, Dr. A is truly a unique kind of college professor who celebrates the success of others and is always ready to assist his colleagues to accomplish their tasks. 

"If You Do What Is Best For The Students, You Do What Is Best For You..."

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