Increasing YouTube Viewership Organically: There Is A Science To It.

It is possible to buy views, likes, followers, comments and shares in a number of social media platforms today. There are too many companies out there selling social media “numbers” by sending bot (web robot) services which are nothing more than an application running automated scripts over the internet. Bots have the power to perform simple and structurally repetitive tasks at a much higher rate than we can. However, promoting any product or service on-line using bots isn’t always effective or safe. Clients who choose to buy “likes” on YouTube using bot systems for example run the risk of losing their channel or video for good. If you care about your YouTube channel, buying bots isn’t a wise strategy because google can simply close your account at anytime after you get caught violating their policy. Buying bots is against YouTube’s terms of service. So, what do you need to do to generate more YouTube views organically? There are a number of ways one can accomplish this task including creating great content, using the correct meta tags, sharing the content in a wide variety of social media and so forth. Let me share with you 3 out of the 15 techniques I’ve developed to turn a dead YouTube video (look at the video shown above and see how little this video was seen between Jan 2014 and December 2016) into real viewership.

  1. Meet more people offline.  Contrary to what folks may say, without meeting new people you will struggle to promote your YouTube videos. Meeting new folks allow you to open your umbrella of influences. The magic works much like it did when we used to talk about Q-ratio more openly. I know… I know… I am speaking about concepts of finance in order to inform you new ways to grow social media viewership organically. I do admit that my strategy is unorthodox but hey… it works.
  2. Spend time engaging with on-line communities. There is no other way. You need to spend real time with other fellow cyberspace buddies in order to grow your YouTube views responsibly. It is hard-work so be prepared to chat, engage, share and like postings from others. By engaging I mean — Engaging not clicking the like button or saying, “Nice.” You need to elaborate your responses and share your thoughts with others on-line. Get ready to work!
  3. Create a strong website using the most up-to-date SEO techniques.  In order to generate traffic to whatever YouTube video you like to promote, your website needs to kick ass.  If your website sucks, chances are very high that your campaign will fail. YouTube, for example, isn’t an easy platform to promote. It can be quite risky to pay someone to increase your YouTube views as google can, at any minute, close your channel or take away your video due to violations of policy. DO NOT PAY FOR BOTS. My advise to you is to spend some time understanding SEO, perhaps studying SEO strategy and techniques for at least a year if you really want to promote your video successfully. The former is a very tedious and time-consuming activity, I warn you.

Promoting a YouTube video isn’t easy, is time consuming, but you can benefit from developing offline relationships. It is possible to buy views, likes, followers, comments and shares for a number of social media platforms today including YouTube but at what price? I don’t recommend cutting corners on social media marketing. You get what you pay for is the rule of the land. Remember: If something appears to be too good… It generally is a scam. Take the time to promote your content on YouTube correctly. If you don’t have time to do the work, hire a professional. That’s the way to go.