Wisdom For The Common Man: How To Deal With Jealous People.


Life is very predictable if we pay attention to certain clues. Geese fly in a quite predictable pattern and teach the world the importance of shifting leadership. River waters eventually reach the oceans in a quite predictable pattern. When men (and women) are confronted with a challenge they tend to have a difficult time handling, they often fold and seek rescue from familiar sources. If we pay close attention to nature, we can unfold a number of quite amusing familiar behaviors. Contrary to what most believe and promote… life isn’t always full of surprises if we decide to observe this world with our eyes opened. Let’s take a close look at jealousy, perhaps one of men’s most dark traits along with pride, for a minute. When someone is jealous of you, your position at work, the car that you drive, the wife you have married or the latest book you have written, a predictable pattern of behavior occurs. Psycho analyzing how the regular men react against your successes is a gift in itself. There are many ways that we can identify human jealousy. In this article, I will share with you three jealous people patterns and what you can do to disarm them.

  1. They disdain you and your best efforts. If somebody tells you that they are your friend but they don’t celebrate your successes, be aware. Chances are very high that these people would rather see you fail than celebrate your latest accomplishment. Look out for patterns of disdain, no replies, disgusted facial expressions, and unusually shared humble words. The former is particularly problematic if off guard humbled words come your way without precedence. Chances are very high that the person speaking humbled words back to you, without having a history of doing such acts, is trying to rearm and attack you foundations somewhere in the near future. Listen carefully: Jealous people ignore you and do what they can to minimize your successes and accomplishments. Genuine allies won’t flee from you. They will like and share secrets with you. Remember to not be emotional with jealous people. Rather, be objective. If something appears to be, it often is. It they disdain you, flee from them. Keep achieving and doing your work to capacity. It will keep irritating them. Sooner or later they will fold because jealousy is tiring. At the time of lowest resistance, give them a compliment and see how they react. If they fold and join forces with you, you got yourself a friend. If they resist, keep course. Sooner or later they will either join forces with you or will flee to a distance land under the sun.
  2. They stick together in an attempt to make you look small. It is quite simple to identify what we call in Portuguese invejosos. These bunch tends to stick together with their clicks in order to gain internal strength. The former is the facto a great counter-attack strategy as union makes force. I strongly suggest individual talent to form close ties with other talented people in order to build a solid foundation for calculated retaliation. There are a number of civic clubs out there that can assist you in this capacity. Remember: You need to build a solid group foundation and develop enough concentrated force in order to ultimately counter-attack the jealous. It is good, once in a while, for jealous people to realize that you are unpredictable and a bit crazy. Trust me: They will think twice before playing games against you overtime because they know you will fire back . The best defense is the offense. Look for strong associations to avoid the risk of being destroyed by lack of force. Give yourself a chance to look bigger than the universe. Make your work seem easy to others. Nothing can be more irritating to the jealous than complete victory and success. Give them no rest. Advance your ships towards their territory and make them play the game according to your rules.
  3. They create a reality they want to see about you.  Jealous people have a difficult time understanding why you achieve and they don’t. These poor souls underestimate natural patterns of leadership and often live in their own fantasy land sometimes for a lifetime. Don’t be discouraged by their actions and predictable behaviors. Much like a good game of football, you must vary your moves, be unpredictable, and in some instances, conceal your intentions. Make your enemy wonder about your next move by mastering your emotions and by educating yourself in strategic thinking. Don’t share too much, say very little and critically analyze speech patterns and associations. If someone is putting yourself in a category you know you don’t belong, be extra cautious. Somebody is already trying to control you by bracketing your strengths and natural gifts. You are what you believe… If the jealous infiltrates your psyche and persuade you to believe that you are what they think you are, you lose. Rather, mimic him, irritate him, and show him that you not him control your destiny. It is the best course of action. Create a reality that you want to see about you and resist politics.

Life is very predictable if we pay attention to certain clues. If you don’t receive email invitations to events you should be a part of, if too much disdain is heading your way, and if others are trying to define who you are to fit their own biases, it is time to make a bold move and retaliate. War is never good yet sometimes is a necessity. It is better to lose by fighting than to lose for not giving your best effort. Even when someone loses a fight, they win in respect. Never, under any circunstances, let anyone define who you are on their own terms alone. Strive to make your own decisions, show allegiance to those who support you and look at the world objectively. Always be ready to leave the premises of any enterprise in order to defend your principles. In the end, you live to work for God not to make friends.