Interior Design Photography Can Be Quite Tricky.


Capturing interior design images that take your breath away isn’t very easy. Even though we have seen an explosion of what I call “photodemocracy,” where the regular person now can take a fair amount of photographs at very low costs with okay quality, the more intricate types of photographical work is still very tough to do. Being able to frame and shoot an interior design photograph without much space and light to work with is a quite challenging endeavor. It is pretty tricky actually — Taking interior design professional photos in tiny rooms is like trying to fit seven fishes in a 10 gallon aquarium without a filter and a proper light. A much as we would love to have available technologies to help us to photograph interior design real estate,  I just don’t see how modern machinery will make our jobs any easier in this domain. There are a number of ways in which you can make your job a bit easier when taking interior photographs. In this blog posting, I will share with you three tips you could use to take your own interior design photographs.

  1. Use a tripod.  In order to take great interior design photographs, you will need a great tripod. Tripods allow photographers to frame shots at slow shutter speeds without running the risk of producing blurry photographs. A great tripod will cost you at least $200 but hey… who said that photography is cheap? It is the price of quality, my friends. I don’t recommend the alternative — Taking interior design photos without a tripod. Well crafted tripods significantly help professional photographers with keeping photo movement to a minimum. There is no reversal to this one. You will need a great tripod in order to capture great interior design photographs.
  2. Great glass. Without the appropriate lenses, interior design photography can become a daunting activity which could turn into a very stressful experience. I personally recommend the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8G ED AF lens. This is a very sharp Nikon lens possessing a quite good focal length and f stop. I know, I know… this lens will cost you almost two thousand dollars! Its price is steep but the images you will be able to capture with this lens will justify its cost. It is a no brainer. As we have said in this article before — Who said that photography is cheap? It is the price of quality, my friends. I don’t recommend the alternative.
  3. Master photoshop. Chances are not very high that your rough interior design captures will be your last. You will need to fix your photos in order to make them presentable to a client. Fixing exposure, camera lens distortion, manipulating shadows and highlights, and reducing camera noise and aberration are some of the many attributes that you will need to control and manipulate in order to produce outstanding interior design photographs. In order to do the former, you will need to master Photoshop or its alternative.  Failing to fix your shots will cost your reputation. You just have to be able to make your photographs better after taking them in raw format.

Capturing interior design photos that takes your breath away isn’t very easy. In fact, they can be quite tricky at times. You will need photo equipment and software expertise in order to produce great photo products. Owning a tripod and great glass is paramount. Mastering photoshop is also a necessity if you are planning to capture outstanding interior design photographs. Are you ready to embark in such challenging journey? The rewards can be quite gratifying.