If You Are A College Professor, You Just Have To Be Dedicated And Care.


If you are a college professor, you just have to be dedicated and caring. Caring means going to class and be prepared for teaching the greatest lesson you can ever deliver; Dedication means coming to your job everyday and be ready to help students when they need help the most. Being caring and dedicated also means attending university sponsored recruiting events where prospective students choose to attend and ask questions about potentially majoring in your program.  The photograph above was taken during one of our high school recruiting events in which we have designed and delivered a series of media workshops for graduating seniors. In my book, there is no room for uncaring behavior and egoism in education. If you are a true educator, you have to care and serve your students with dignity, respect, and passion. There are a number of ways in which rookie college professors can develop a caring and dedicated demeanor.  In this article, I will share with you three ways in which college professors in training can have a better attitude as an educator by the time they start teaching college courses.

  1. Go to church and get involved. The act of church attendance transcends the walls of whatever church denomination (or no denomination) you attend. Choosing to going to church with the right attitude and with the goal of genuinely helping others is a habit that is transferrable to a college classroom. When someone takes the initiative to join a church congregation as a volunteer, chances are high that this person is at the least dedicated to the faith and probably caring towards other believers.  The heart of a volunteer can change mountains and is to be celebrated by the community in which they belong. A first class college professor must have the right attitude towards his/her profession and be a champion for the needs of his/her students. When you have the “right attitude” caring and dedication follows suit making you into a valuable piece in the life puzzle of a developing young adult.  College professors must serve in the former capacity if they are to succeed in the profession with honors. Failing to do the former, on the other hand, tends to result in dismissal from the profession, prematurely. My advice? Go to church and get involved. Develop yourself in the areas of generosity and be a champion of goodwill before joining a college or university.
  2. Avoid using the word “I.” Professionals of education who constantly use the word “I” rarely make the greatest impact in the life of others especially students. If you hear someone constantly use the pronoun “I” in conversations, be aware. Chances are very high that “I” means excluding you. A caring and dedicated educator must learn to use the word “you” or “we” 95% percent of the time because he overuse of the word “I” only leads to contention and suspicion.  As a college professor, you need to create harmony and transparency… A star college professor champions equilibrium in the life of his/her students and puts him/herself second to the needs of the students. A great way to accomplish such pursuits is by replacing the word “I” with the better alternative… “You” or “We.”
  3. Start creating connections with employers. A caring and dedicated college professor has professional connections. A good way to start thinking this way is by getting involved with civic organizations in your hometown, in addition to joining a church and volunteering. Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce or the Rotary Club. These institutions tend to attract businesslike individuals who can help your students to get jobs after they graduate. Remember: A caring and dedicated college professor helps his/her students to get jobs. I promise to you that the act of recommending and/or placing students in jobs is priceless to both themselves and you.  Don’t forget… It is our responsibility as college professors to connect and develop relationships. Our prefrontal lobe is already developed. Our student’s prefrontal lobe is still under development, for the most part. Be proactive and network. It is the only way and the right thing to do.

If you are a college professor, you just have to be dedicated and caring. There is no reversal for this one if you want to have an impact in your career as a college professor. Start early and often. Don’t wait and act in a proactive manner. Be ready to serve and and care with the dedication that the good God expects of you. Don’t be like every other college professor… seeking to spread his or her legacy at your student’s expense sometimes turning the lives of his/her students upside down for no goos reason. Be different. Be fair. Be caring and dedicated. Be a real college professor.