Re-Create Yourself Once In A While.


There is a lot of value in recreating yourself once in a while. IBM in 1984 was a much different company than it is today. Steve Martin became a dad when he was 67 years old. Betty White wasn’t a well known person by the public until she was fifty one years of age. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a body builder, then he became a widely known actor, served as a politician and is now a philanthropist. You need to champion the need to innovate and control your destiny by not allowing others to define who you are. This doesn’t mean that you should be mean, treat others with disrespect, turn yourself blue when common sense calls you to be yellow or dreaming of becoming a rockstar without having any talent for music and how to act and react in the entertainment industry. Don’t get me wrong — engaging in creative and continuous self-analysis and advancement isn’t an easy task but is one that is of paramount importance. In 2o17, we all need to be able to maneuver in order to gain or shift terrain and advance our own careers and life campaigns. In many instances, the former requires that we recreate ourselves. Every seven years, our body cells change allowing us to recreate ourselves in the literal sense. Perhaps, the good God has created us that way biologically so that we eventually learn to think about ourselves in terms of re-creation. In reality, there are a number of ways in which you can re-create yourself.  In this article, I will share with you three ways in which you can re-create yourself and advance or change your career or life focus as an outcome.

  1. Be a source of pleasure. No matter which career you are in or want to pursue, don’t be grumpy, melancholic, egoistic or egocentric, self-centered, or arrogant. Be the type of person you and your friends want to be around with. You don’t need to force your new image on others, either. Be a source of pleasure and celebrate creating harmony by making others to celebrate themselves.  Eventually, others will invite you in their circles and will legitimately enjoy being around you for the right reasons not because of  your position or authority. I see too many people today failing to re-create themselves into someone better because of a false belief that they need to stick to their century long traditions. Their stagnation is eminent; Loss of talent is predictable; lack of self-innovation and brand depreciation is likely.
  2. Question your assumptions once in a while. Be careful when making lifetime assumptions because when you assume, you make an… you know how the saying goes. Things change, life evolves, and people learn lessons. Not always but you know what I mean. In the spirit of wanting to recreate your image and questioning some of your lifelong goals and objectives, you have to be open minded to the possibilities that might head your way. One of the ways to accomplish the former is by questioning what you may think is untouchable to you. If I was so defensive about ever changing my upbringing instilled ideologies from childhood, I would have never turned into a college professor of any kind. In the country club culture in which I was born and raised in, becoming a college professor was seen as the ultimate sign of failure only after lacking a formal college education. I knew then and certainly know now, however, that the truth is far from what I was once told when growing up among the ultra wealthy elite society  but it took me “questioning my assumptions” in order to be able to see life as it is. Many today live their lives in a world of fantasy and make believe because of their inability to question their own circumstances, values and inherited biases. There is tremendous power in re-evaluating what you believe, feel, and care about. This doesn’t mean that you should be mean, treat others with disrespect, turn yourself blue when common sense calls you to be yellow, or totally ignore your history for the sake of change and advancement. Common sense plays a variable in the transition, of course.
  3.  Seek, investigate and council once in a while.  The bible teaches us in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Proverbs 12:15 states, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.” Just don’t forget that investigating and seeking counseling with the right people for each occasion is also a variable if you are seeking to re-create yourself for the better. When becoming your new you or re-creating your old self, eventually you will need to find your “future you” which quite often isn’t found by you because we are creatures of habit. Plans are established by council as it is written in Proverbs 20:18. Don’t forget that.  Question — Are you doing God’s will? Let me ask you differently, “Are you working with your godly gift so you can glorify Him and help others?” Most folks aren’t… at least it has been my observations. GOOD! It may be time for you to recreate yourself! We all have received a gift from God. Every single one of us we did regardless of color, creed, nationality… The gift of exhortation calls believers to become great counselors/advisers maybe teachers. Are you in the construction business when you should be in counseling?  Are you disorganized yet you wish to manage operations but possess the gift of piety? Maybe you belong somewhere in the devotional business. Some have the gift of love or prophecy yet they choose to ignore their calling because of family tradition and fear of change or shall we say boldly, “to recreate themselves” using the gifts that the good God has given to them.

It is impossible to control anybody’s destiny or image despite the many attempts made by many in our society. People can be temporarily conquered but long-term control is only achieved if the mind or shall we say people’s hearts allow it to happen. Re-creating yourself once in a while is perhaps the only mechanism you can use to keep yourself and others in line when living this arduous journey we call life. There is a lot of value in recreating yourself once in a while. The act of recreation gives you hope, can energize your persona and give you life strength. No wonder why retirees tend to live longer when they re-create themselves and keep a steady line of work after officially declaring,  “I am a retiree.” You need to champion the need to innovate and control your destiny by not allowing others to define who you are always seeking ways to do God’s will. Be a source of pleasure, question your assumptions once in a while, seek, investigate and council with a wide variety of people and constituents. Life evolves and we need to be fully aware of that. We have to re-create ourselves one in a while. It is a must. It is good for you and it is good for me. It is good for us all.