You Can Do It! Just Be Creative And Dare A Little Bit.

Dr. A Meeting A Group of Strangers (Other than one) At Moving Day In School.

I know that you are probably struggling and questioning this whole idea of having to transform yourself into an extrovert in order to have more influence in social media outlets. Most people would agree that becoming an extrovert isn’t that simple of a task at first. As we discussed in the last blog post, just stop thinking that you are always going to be an introvert is a tough task to accomplish in itself because we are ingrained in a society that promotes the idea that many times things don’t or can’t change. Sometimes and often people fall into the false impression that we have to be confined by our nurtured learned beliefs which only results in putting ourselves into a limited box. Do me a favor right now. Forget the box; don’t think about any box; in fact, think with no box. Just do it now. I will explain it to you later. Being an extrovert is attainable and you are going to be able to do it. By the way, did you register for guitar lessons? Maybe a voice lesson or two? I am paying attention to you and will be asking you sporadic questions like these ones to keep you on your toes.  On another note, did you have a chat with a telemarketer last night to help you with losing inhibition? If you haven’t, make sure to do it tonight. If you have conversed with a telemarketer stranger yesterday, congratulations! You have made a significant attempt to evolve into an extrovert and believe me… you will benefit from being an extrovert. Those traits will be used in your social media campaigns. There are so many other ways in which you can practice to be an extrovert on-line. Today, we are going to talk about three more ways in which you can expand your ability to develop this timely social skill that we call extroversion.

  1. Remember your prior commitments. Let’s start with this one. This series of blog postings are a cumulative effort to help you with becoming an extrovert and dominating the social media realm. Question: Are you still thinking that you will be an introvert forever? Did you really stop by that music store near your house or on-line? If not, maybe you need to call that buddy of yours who is musically inclined in order to help you to buy a six string. Why a six? I don’t know… The Mishnah contains six sections, you can buy a six pack, there are six features in a person’s face, there are six vertices on a hexagram, six is the top number on a dice. I don’t know but make sure you buy your six strings yesterday. You need to start jamming in order to break away from the old you. Before I forget, make sure you engage in a conversation with a telemarketer or two tonight.
  2. Go to the bank and ask for the manager. Give yourself a chance to speak with a local commercial bank manager and start developing your interpersonal skills. Why do you need to speak with a banker? For six main reasons: Bankers help people in moments of crisis; they are able to persuade others;  they tend to be good negotiators, they are good at outmaneuvering people, they like to win and they are available.  You can learn a lot from them and the cost to speak with them is literally zero. Your return over investment after speaking with a banker is extraordinarily high. If successful meaningful conversations with a banker, one-on-one, were a bet category in Vegas, the odds of success of such pursuits would be 1 to 1 success on the side of the introvert. Making long story short, go speak with a banker today or tomorrow.
  3. Work for a week as a dishwasher. Why a week? Because it has one hundred and sixty eight hours or ten thousand and eighty minutes that you can spend with someone chatting for long periods of time. When I was an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, I did just that. You will be amazed how much you will talk and chat with a complete stranger during this time. What I came to learn and realize from my experience, being a dishwasher for a week, was that it is literally impossible for these underrated cleaning professionals to spend eight hours a day without speaking a single word. Do yourself a favor: Put your pride aside, go to a local kitchen and volunteer your time to serve as a food cleaning professional. This experience will change the way you communicate.

I know that you are probably struggling and questioning this whole idea of having to transform yourself into an extrovert in order to have more influence in social media outlets. How can anyone ask and remind you that you need to start playing the guitar and singing, talking with bankers and joining a dishwasher team in order to be more successful in social media. Let me help you with better understanding these series of requests. Think of Mr. Myagi. Do you remember wax on, wax off… I am him guiding you through this difficult yet critical process to transform you into a black belt of social media.  Trust your trainer and start doing. I will check with you again on the flip side tomorrow!