Being Born Wealthy, With A Heart, And Happy. 


One of the most important qualities a human being can have is to be genuine and proud of his/her past. We cannot choose to whom we were born and where but we can definitely embrace our ancestry and leverage what we got to live a good life. Nobody needs to pretend to be anything if they are secure with themselves, I came to learn and observe.

I was born in a family of golfers in a country where only the top 1 percent and their allies frequent such prestigious and selective country clubs. Because I had such a privileged position very early on, I had the opportunity to be friends and acquaintances with a wide variety of ultra wealthy families which led me to have the opportunity to learn a lot from a selective yet caring few who shared with me important lifelong secrets that I use in my adult life to this day.

Having a heart, being happy, and being slow to categorizing people are among the most important lessons I’ve learned from old money magnates, company CEO’s, and highly successful entrepreneurs. I live by these core values and would go to war to defend them. In this life, we all need to put things in perspective and be who we truly are. Life is too short for us to pretend or deviate from what we are and believe in.

Smile and be happy. Be the change you want to see in the world for the better. Be a man or woman of principles and celebrate that any time you can. Err on the side of kindness and Understanding. Those who live by the former live better and longer lives. Why stress yourselves? It ain’t worth it.

My Advice: Live life to the fullest, live well and to the best of your ability and smile often. Be gracious for having received the numerous blessings that the good God has given you. Pride should be the least of your worries and the need to help others should be made a priority. Our days are counted and remember — Whatever we do in this world will be judged by the creator later. We need to be aware of that and stay course and true to our core beliefs. I choose to have a heart and smile often. I will never stop the former because they make me who I am. Find your true self and don’t deviate from it. Be true to who you are and celebrate. Life, in its essence, is about the great moments that we cherish with others based on what we were born to do. That’s it.