Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything.  

Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything. If blue makes you happy, don’t tell others that you love red, with reason of course. You might like blue cars and red roses and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is to publicly advance a democratic agenda and privately defend self interest or the interests and wishes of a few. It isn’t cool and only shows a lack of integrity on the part of the leader. Strive to be different, kind, and helpful, loyal and have a stance. You have to believe and defend something if you are to form an army, create coalitions, build support or fight an enemy.  What are you core beliefs? Do you stand by them? You better.

We only live once. Our ability to influence meaningful outcomes depend on how we act and what we believe in. There isn’t honor in being so secretive and dry for political sake as such characteristics only result is discord and disappointments. Stick to what you believe and play the game right. Most politicians are so predictable and so easy to understand. They claim to be greater than the universe, bigger than mars yet truthful. In time, we find them to be less than mediocre, small and fearful. Don’t believe me? Look at Trump.

In this life, there are many ways we can play the game right and stand for something, as Aristotle has once showed us. In this article, I will share with you three out of the many ways I play the game to win. Let’s maybe get started.

1. Make sure you know the rules of the game.  There is nothing more dangerous than taking a position on an important matter without knowing both the intended and unintended consequences. We all must play the game. We all must play by the rules and guidelines of the game. You are to know literally everything there is to know about a system in order to come up with a stance and stick to it. How can anybody craft a stance and live by it if they haven’t investigated the available choices? Maybe a few can craft their strategy and stand for something long term without knowing rules and regulations of a field. I just don’t know who they are. If you don’t know the game, you will dance, sooner or later.

2. Stick to your guns. If you believe that your position is right and you have data to back it up, don’t deviate from it even if you can predict backlashes at first. It is better to stick to your senses 9/10 times and deal with the consequences up front than prematurely adapting to a movable and unpredictable target. In the end, life is like Vegas, the house always wins. Aim straight and keep course. You might as well play by the odds and give yourself a chance of winning 90% of the time by sticking to your guns. If you think you can win every time, clearly you don’t know how to play the game. Just never forget that.

3. Play by the odds. As I just said, “Life is like Vegas, the house always wins.” You might as well play the game smart by understanding — sometimes calculating — your odds of success and qualifying your maneuverability in the game board. The secret, of course, is to match your critical assessment of position against the odds of success and standing firm to what you believe. I don’t recommend ignoring your chances of success for the sake of emotion. The former is, in fact, quite a myopic strategy which will only lead to disaster.

Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything. What are you doing to craft your stance?  Remember: We only live once. Our ability to influence meaningful outcomes depend on how we act and what we believe in. It is directly related to how we implement and spread our stance. Make sure you know the rules of the game, Stick to your guns, and play by the odds. Be who you are and have character. The former are two priceless commodities of adult life. That’s for sure.

Author: Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida

Communication Arts professor who has taught over a thousand students in his career. By empathizing with his students, he advises them to think with no box and motivates them to have a successful college life. Through his multifaceted approach to traditional and new medias, his students have the opportunity to become better communicators. Dr. A has helped hundreds of young adults to truly discover who they are, what makes them tick and where their passions lie, in order to achieve long term success in life. He is a very productive college professor who can be found on a variety of social media outlets, public and academic sources, and even on merchandise showcasing his photographic art. Technology complements but doesn’t define him. Colleges house him but can’t hold him.

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