Billionaires Don’t Have The Best Interest Of The People.


Let me ask you this — Do you really think that a billionaire really cares about what happens in our lives? Please people, let’s get real. Very few (if any) billionaire has the best interest of anyone regardless of what anybody tells you. Billionaires like money… a lot of it. They don’t like you and I. In fact, most of these people make fun of you (and me) for not having what they have. Life is always about them, not you or me. How dare you disagree! Look, billionaires would rather make investments in robotics in order to replace labor (you) with machines than to invest in you. It is all about the money people. The goal? It is to demoralize you and make your life a living h^#$ so you keep your mouth shut. Why? Probably because billionaires don’t really care about you. Do you really think that they care about your family?

Listen carefully: You might as well give kisses of goodbye to anyone who opposes the billionaire agenda. Billionaires will destroy public education (both K-12 and post secondary, higher education) because the former won’t make them trillionaires. Let’s not forget that college professors tend to think critically about things, much like journalists… especially investigative reporters. What is the best thing that a ruthless billionaire dictator could do to eliminate his opposition? Or shall we say, offer some checks and balances to this whole mess — defund and/or demonize the opponent without any mercy. What can they (the regular people) do anyways, many are thinking these days. The unions are weak, the laws protect the wealthy and strong economically… Reality. The poor have no white blood cells to fight back my potent virus, billionaires know. It is time to attack! Maybe, our commander in chief is simply using Robert Green’s  15th law of power, “Crush your enemy totally, show no mercy.” The time is now — Let’s conquer everything in the world and screw everyone else because we can. I bet quite a few billionaires have had this conversation already. Starve them! Give them houses and an insecure job! Then, take their jobs away and buy their houses for cheap right after! The goal is global domination but it starts at home.

We live in a cruel world full of aspiring trillionaires who really don’t care about you and your family or mine. The scary part is that some now have the authority to literally destroy our lives in a very short period of time. Brothers and sisters, be aware! The world that your your children and mine will grow up in will be very ugly… It will be full of injustice, contrasts, and a lot of poverty. I am seeing a disaster coming to this country because of extremism, billionaire breeds extremism and a sense of self worth.  Billionaires don’t have the best interest of the people, that’s for sure. Don’t be fooled.





  1. Some people think that making money (lots of it) equals success. My definition of success is not related to the quantity of someones “net worth”. It is related to how someone made money and what they do with it. There is a huge inequality in many parts of the world. If those with money do not voluntarily share, the government needs to interfere with all sorts of taxes to smooth out some of the ridiculous differences. The Dutch used to have the 72% income bracket for the hugest incomes. They made changes, but countries with the most inequality could learn from that.
    Countries with the most equality in every sense of the meaning of the word, have shown consistently to have the happiest people (see Denmark).
    Indeed Mr. T. aka the President of the USA has demonstrated to never care about the poor. How can the low income earners believe that a person like him will ever do anything to really change their future?
    …and taxes….Mr T. does not have to pay these that is for the “stupid” he said so himself and OMGosh was he pleased with his smart ass remark!

      1. …and not only in the USA, in France (Marine Le Pen) , The Netherlands (Geert Wilder) and Austria (Norbert Hofer) and Canada (Kevin O’Leary, who wants to lead the conservative party) all have dangerous right wing sentiments.
        Brexit is another example of unsubstantiated fear leading to an unfortunate decision.

        Being able to differentiate between scientific research and rumors spread on social media imho need to be included in the curriculum of every high school. Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
        I am sure he would not perceive Face Book and Twitter as appropriate resources.
        Despite all, try to have a happy Friday, there are lots of people who have their eyes and ears open and who do use non-aggressive and non-violent measures to communicate facts.

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