In This Life You Need To Be Spectacular. 

In this life, you need to be spectacular in what you do. If your gift is playing classical music, your goal is to become the next Mozart. If sports is your gig, try to be the next Pele. Are you talented in art? Your competition is Andy Warhol not the local starving artist living on 3rd street. Never, under any circumstances, be satisfied with being mediocre. You were born to achieve greatness in this life, remember that. Your competition isn’t local or regional — it is definitely global and inter generational. 

I don’t know about you but my biggest competition lies inside of me. I don’t look at others for inspiration or guidance other than looking at true timeless talent to keep me in reality. I have no problem looking at amazing talent to help me to develop my own talent. In a world dominated by excellence, failing to perform at the highest level is capital punishment. Be aware of the fact that it is only by discovering your true talent that you will have the chance to make it big in this life. The irony of the former is that so many people work in so many areas of life that they are not talented in. How can that be? Let me explain.

In life you need to be spectacular, hands down. Too many people, however, believe that in order to be spectacular people need to be a millionaire. Well, these days, too many even think that people need to be a billionaire. The reality, though, is that some industries aren’t made to make most into either of thee categories yet you can be truly exceptional. You need to trash the idea that money equates to greatness today, not tomorrow, next week, or sometimes in the near future. Otherwise, you might end up being a mediocre engineer when you should have been the new Mozart in town. 

Focusing on dollars isn’t the main variable that is going to make you spectacular. Working on your true gift, however, will. Your goal isn’t to be wealthy necessarily. Your goal is to discover your true talent and focus. If you do the former, you will be well compensated over time, I bet. What comes easy goes easy. When you work in what you do best, you win overtime which is the best way to win. Remember: In this life, you need to be espectacular.