Say Goodbye To The Job Fat — Be Multidisciplinary.

For years, people were able to get good jobs by simply fulfilling the requirements for a bachelors degree in any field which meant that college training in egyptology, nautical archeology, popular culture, leisure studies, and many other cool but weird college majors were viable options for employment despite of the skillset students gained in these obscure majors. The system has changed drastically — both inside but also outside of a college campus.  Listen carefully: Say goodbye to the job fat. Are you really ready to compete globally for a high paying position job?

I don’t think you are. Chances are high that you are behind in this quest and is likely to be missing a clear cut path or plan towards contemporary success in the contemporary American job market landscape. How do I know that? Because human beings are creatures of habit. We only change when is absolutely necessary for us to do so. Many graduates or graduates to be are literally sleeping or refuse to accept reality. Let me explain. Yesterday, we were told that the service industry was the future of the American economy. The lack of jobs found in post-industrial cities like Buffalo, NY or Detroit, MI would be short lived as manufacturing jobs were to be replaced with service jobs, anyways. Hmmm… That backfired.

Today, Macy layed off almost 10,000 retail employees. Sears and K-Mart also closed its stores nationwide laying off too many service industry workers. Staples reported a 548 million loss and is closing 70 more stores resulting in more job loss. Where is Circuit City? Where is H.H Greg? They are bankrupt because of the advent of Amazon. I like to add, “They closed because of the advent of an on-line retail giant and their low cost technology driven infrastructure or shall we simply say due to their advancements in technology.” The service industry era is dead. Our country is driven by information not manufacturing or the service industries.

By the way, the industrial age ended in the year 2000. I honestly don’t know where retail workers are going to work at in the years to come. What I do know is that they will make less per hour due to supply and demand rules and logic. In my opinion, retail workers won’t be the only bunch to make less and struggle to make a living in the United States this century, unfortunately. Not sure if I would recommend my daughter Sophia to study career such as accounting, print journalism, law, or be a sales professional. As Gitomer once said, “We don’t like to be sold but we like to buy.” The former makes the job of a salesman obsolete. With Lex Machima technology, the field of law will never be the same again. The machine is already doing the job of dozens of lawyers for much less. When was the last time that you hired an accountant to do anything to you other than your taxes? By the way, have you head of turbo tax? Journalism, as we understand, is near extinction but the skillsets that a journalist has, e.g., reporting, writing, editing will never die which is the saving grace for folks pursuing a degree in journalism. Print journalism is not dead but it will be near death in a decade, I bet.

If you major in certain areas of Mass Communications, you will struggle. Radio isn’t dead yet but it has its sentence set. Communication (singular) will be a viable option for students in the social science as speaking interpersonally, across culture, non-verbally and through mediated communication will de facto exist in this new and challenging upcoming job era. Film production will rise as a logical alternative to broadcast media production as the opportunity to create and produce new, relevant, and engaging media artifacts is higher. I am not saying that film in itself will help students to find jobs, necessarily. What I am saying is that film students will have a higher chance of producing a high quality piece of art that could indeed be seen by potential buyers as a true media asset or what I like to call, “an intellectual stock” potentially generating a sizable return over a film producer’s investment of their time and resources. Art will be an important variable in the upcoming job revolution as one’s ability to think critically is already a necessity. Public Relations will not die and shall be seen by many as a saving grace for students of Mass Communicators along with traditional Communication (singular).

The employee of the present is multidisciplinary. If you are in media, for example, it will payoff to know how to deliver a speech publicly, learn ways to talk with people of different cultures and backgrounds, design and develop deliverables, write well, know a bit about modern languages, how business enterprises function and operate, how history connects the economic dots and much more. Trash the idea that mediocrity (simply completing a bachelors degree) will help you and in itself will sustain yourself and your family economically. The former is farther from the truth. Even when you have more education than 1% of the world’s population, if you are not careful… can backfire and put yourself in a vulnerable position which could lead to job unemployment or a severe pay cut. We are seeing too many phd’s jobless out there, especially in the humanities.

We have no option but to be excellent. We must be eclectic in order to fully contribute meaningfully in the current economy and defend ourselves against the woes of our modern times — uncertainty and unemployment. If you are graduating from college right now, my advise to you is for you to take what I just wrote in this article very seriously and understand that the game has changed. The excess job “fat” is gone. If you are graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, read the former paragraphs closer as some of these examples will definitely apply to you and your future. Under any circunstances, do not think about buying a house anytime soon. Scarce jobs lead to lower wages — extreme competition and advances in technology lead to unexpected layoffs. Unless you can buy a house cash, choose to rent. You can’t afford to lose your credit in an economy where we can only survive long-term on credit. Don’t be tempted. It is okay to buy a nice car, though. It is much easier to trade a car loan in than to sell a mortgage. Well, a car you take with you when you move. You can’t take a house with you.

Learn to be ready to quit your job at anytime, if necessary. Be prepared to make a bold move to keep going forward. Be alert and observe trends. The over abundance of jobs in America is gone. Our reality is much different from the reality lived by our parents when they were our age. It is much more difficult for us, these days. Never forget that, okay? Be very careful with every decision that you make as our current circumstances don’t allow us to make too many errors without paying a tremendous price for making them.  Be versatile and learn continuously. Be a productive citizen of the USA in 2017 not 1917. You will thank me later — Just do it!