Hire American! There Is No Need To Hire Foreign Labor For Entry-Level Positions…


You heard that right. There is no need to hire employees from outside of the United States when 91% of the undergraduate students admitted to the MIT are Americans, 89% of students at Princeton or my alma mater Penn State are Americans, or 88% of students at Harvard are Americans. UC Berkley is 86% national, along with Columbia University and the mighty University of Miami. Yale is 89% American, Stanford is only 9% international. Cal tech is 8%… See? There are a large number of American kids in the available job poll in the United States.

Hire American! You don’t need to hire foreign for entry level job positions. I understand the market economy argument which defends that we should hire the very best at all times so that “the very best” don’t look for jobs elsewhere and eventually destroy our internal companies. The issue with the former, in my opinion at least, is that it assumes that our college graduate population can’t compete with foreign labor and therefore we need to open our doors to external talent. Nothing could be far from the truth! I have taught almost 1300 students in my career and can assure to you that if ceteris paribus, American students are as good of a fit if not better than their international student counterparts, despite of what you might have heard in the media.

I have a very difficult time believing that the very best undergraduate American students at Emory University or Carnegie Mellon can’t compete with their counterparts from the India Institute of Science in Bangalore or the University of Moscow. Why do I say that? Because I have gone to school and/or taught students who came from the Indian Institute of Science (IIS) and the Massassuchess Institute of Technology MIT or Harvard/Michigan. Our American students are often better than these student’s are. With very rare exceptions, there is no need to replace good USA labor with foreign labor for entry level positions.

A word of caution, though — Graduate programs numbers can be deceiving and graduate programs often rely on a larger number of state funded international students in order to survive.  I honestly don’t think that the disproportional number of international students in graduate programs is necessarily a sign that they (international students) are better intellectually for our American kids. It might be a sign showing that American students are graduating college with way too much student debt loan and therefore reducing their chances to go to graduate school on a “paying ride” resulting in an increase in the percentage of foreign international students admitted in elite Graduate schools in the United States. I don’t know…

My recommendation: Give the American kids a chance, work with them and don’t assume that the Chinese kid is so brilliant because he is Asian. Chances are high that they are not. I went to graduate school with many foreign scholars who couldn’t even write their names on a piece of paper. Get real and support your own whenever possible! It isn’t that complicated.