The Darth Vader Next Door

Elon Musk, the genius behind PayPal and Tesla motors, once said that technology can potentially be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. When speaking about artificial intelligence, Mr. Musk added that with AI, people are calling on the devil. Listen carefully to me Cleveland, Tennessee — The idea of machine learning, or the techniques that enable machines to learn by themselves is already an old topic of discussion. Deep learning, or algorithms that allow software to teach itself to do more sophisticated tasks without the input of a human being is in motion at the beta level. These emergent technology developments aren’t really that new and much progress has been made in this “new” area especially because of the hundreds of high profile projects that have been carried out by our government and FEDOR, a humanoid robot produced by the Russia Federation. FEDOR can drive a car and fire a gun. Holy cow, you may be thinking! Do you see why artificial intelligence will dominate our economy in the future? Let me make this long story short. Our enemies are taking advantage of AI technology for defense purposes. We have no option but to have an AI race against them. The AI race is the new nuke race, compatriots.

By the way, have you seen these image recognition apps that pop up on Facebook once in a while? Let me reveal something to you. They are examples of deep learning applied utilizing multilayered social networks possessing big data. Natural language processing is here to stay and quantum computing, which by the way operates at 100 million times faster than your Mac or PC, will allow these machines to increase their processing speed exponentially only resulting in what Artificial intelligence researchers call singularity. Welcome to Star Wars on earth! Machines will fight people. Darth Vader, or a blend of a machine and human being, will eventually coexist with us, as well as functional robots.

You may be thinking and probably anxious to ask, Dr. A, what in the world is singularity? Ok, let me tell you. Singularity can be understood as an estimated time or day when intelligent machines will reach a point of advancing themselves without your input or mine eventually surpassing the human race. Let me put all of this into perspective. I am 43 years of age. Many scholars of technological singularity are estimating that the “age of singularity” will occur somewhere in the 2040’s. Dude, it is likely that you and I will be alive to see this mega technological evolution which will change our lives forever. If their predictions are correct, you are going to adapt your human body to become more mechanic. Expect to wear add on technological devices to your body and without questions… Be ready to consider the idea of implanting an RFID chip in you. Oh my! This is scary, isn’t it? Well, it can be for us but I bet that these ideas won’t be scary to your grand kids. Life in the future will be different. You can be sure about that. 

Remember the following and don’t get sidetracked: Our great republic is in the process of adapting AI to our military functions because of necessity. We are going to see a logistical transformation in every industry of our great country because of that. I wonder how our little city will be affected by all of this. I honestly don’t know. Do you have any idea?

Some people are already dreaming about what tomorrow will be. Some are speculating about a concept called universal basic income or the idea that the government will give a paycheck to its citizens to spend as they wish because the robots took over. I don’t know about that but this option has hypothesized as a solution to the mega unemployment that the machine might cause. Can you imagine life without work? I don’t.

One thing is for sure. The future won’t be like the past. We are heading towards the unknown and unpredictable now. AI is here to stay and the goal is singularity. God in heaven is probably planning His return soon, brethren. I don’t think we have much longer.