Technology Is Bankrupting Us

Technology is nickel and dime-ing us. Modern American living requires families to have three flat screen televisions, multiple smartphones, a laptop, maybe a tablet, fast internet, cable, appliances, along with services and more. Have you calculated how much money all this technology is costing you? No wonder why so many people now live with their parents after graduating from colleges and universities.

Let me make it simple for you to see what I am seeing. Three smart flat screen televisions on sale at Best Buy cost our family $2500. They were the middle of the line model Insigna Brand. We own our smartphones now but it cost us $750. All right, I am a media professor so my computer isn’t cheap as I literally use my MacBook pro 7 days a week multiple hours a day. Let’s add an additional $1600 to the bill. Let’s keep counting, ladies and gentleman.

I own an iPad. Cost? $500. We pay a monthly fee for internet access along with a basic television package and it costs us $115 each month totaling $1380 each year. If we multiple our cost of internet and cable alone by 10, in a decade, our family spent $13800 on cable and internet access alone! It isn’t over: Our appliances are also expensive. We have spend $1200 on a washer and dryer. After all, I am a son of God and deserve to have some technology to help me with cleaning my clothes while I am at work. Let’s not forget that cell service bill, we pay an extra $100 a month.

Holy cow! based on this quick yet accurate display of family debt I disclosed to people the main reason why it is so difficult for youngsters to start a living or for a middle aged man like me to save more money for retirement. See? Technology is so expensive! Nobody can deny the fact that we are spending what we earn on mostly useless machinery. Maybe I should turn into a monk, sell my tech gadgets, and move to a remote place near the mountains of Tibet.

Listen carefully: Modern American living, mostly due to technology, is negatively affecting our finances because we now are conditioned to use all of these devices and services. In addition, corporate supervisors have turned the superhero technology user into the ideal employee. With very few exceptions, most places of employment want to see its employees maximizing the use of technology in their work and consequently be connected to technology even when on vacation.

What a tragedy! We are spending too much money on technology and for what? To be able to waste our time on facebook, reply emails on our tablets, or watch television on a curved ultra HD TV? I don’t think it is worth it people. I am all for technology when it helps us to advance our life’s mission. The moment that technology starts invading my space and my friends start promoting the latest technology gadgets, I know that it is time to get away and think critically about how technology is invading my area.   

I don’t know exactly what people think about all these technologies we have today.  Camera apps, photo scanners, banks, you name it. I am critical of them especially when propaganda starts promoting tech toys that we simply don’t need. By the way, if people own an iPhone 6 today, people won’t need an iPhone 8 for a while. Just remember that, okay?    

Technology is bankrupting us. We must fight back against the technology obsession, put tech limits in our lives, and disdain all these advancements in workforce technology until we have an idea about what the innovation has to offer in the first place. Technology won’t solve all of your problems but it will increase your cost of living. That I am sure.