E-Cigarettes Anyone?

Teens are vaping their brains out, ladies and gentleman.  What do I mean by that? Your grandchildren are smoking their brains out with e-cigarettes, citizens of Cleveland, TN. There is a vaping epidemic in our region and beyond and guess what? I think that we have this problem because of technology.

All these technologies, like e-cigarettes, can be quite destructive especially if they serve as an escape mechanism for these kids. Listen to me: Your grandkids are vaping their brains out because of all the technology they consume daily and because most of you have given your sons and daughters technologies to occupy their time. Do you know what I hear the most in my office at the university? This is what I hear, “Dr. A, I just want to relate to people.” Go figure!

What the kids really want is to talk to other people. The kids want to talk with others and when they fall short of achieving such an endeavor, they vape and vape a lot. Vaping is an industry understand that. I bet that the drug dealers are aware of this, as well. Are you still ignorant about it? 

Look, vaping, to me at least, is a consequence of kids using too much technology in society people. It is a consequence of living a life on the edge, full of stress without having anywhere to go. Technology when used without control, will have these side effects. According to my research, Americans are somewhere within the human robot syndrome phase of the human robot cycle. If my conclusions happen to be true, this means that we are almost to a point of total burn out in society which to me at least, has too many negative consequences.

I think that vaping is just one way in which teenagers and young adults express their “human robot behaviors” publicly in our town. Human beings were not made to be on the computer all the time! Consuming too much technology will backfire. As I always say, “Use technology but in moderation.” Don’t give your pearls to the pigs. If you see your kid vaping, evaluate your own technology use behaviors and try to correct them. I bet that your grandkids vape and use all these technologies because your children did it first.

Am I saying that the main problem are your kids and not your grandkids? That’s exactly what I’m saying. Let’s not forget that people learn through role modeling. Parents are role models! Your kids modeled you. Your grandkids modeled your kids. If your grandkids are vaping like a maniac, I bet that you had something to do with it. Behaviors are often acquired by association. Remember: Your actions do have an impact in the life of others.

Technology can be both sweet and sour. It can be so good to make our lives easier and more convenient but it can also turn our kids and grandkids into addicted beings desperate for the next high. It is such a tragedy what we are witnessing these days with this whole vaping thing. Just keep in mind that vaping isn’t the cause. It is the consequence of overuse of technology.

Now, let me ask you this, is it worth losing a generation to e-cigarettes for the sake of technology? I don’t think so. Human life is so much more precious than perishable machines like cigarettes and motherboards. You know what? Maybe I’m just a romantic living in this crazy world we call, “The modern world.”

As much as I hate writing this, I don’t think that vaping will cease anytime soon in our community and beyond. The kids are hooked on this modern day tobacco thing. The difference is that technology overuse is being the fuel behind this massive adoption of vapor in our society. I wonder what will be next. Well, I just don’t wanna know!

Teens are vaping their brains out, ladies and gentleman. In my view, vaping is somehow related to overuse of technology in or society. E-Cigarettes can cause a lot of grief for teenagers in Bradley county and we need to be aware of it. Just because something is technological doesn’t make it good or better. That’s for sure.


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