Giving Up Your DNA Ain’t Worth it

I grew up in an era where privacy was something that we guarded. It seems that these days are gone. Today, most people share everything about their lives, display their phone numbers and home addresses in social media platforms, and to make things weirder, Americans are now giving up their DNA privacy. But for what reason you may be asking. For the sake of technology, silly!

Wait, what? So Dr. A, are you telling me that people these days are freely giving their DNA information up which can then provide insurance companies the likely illnesses they will have in their lifetime in order to find out their ancestry? Thats exactly what I am saying.

People are paying companies to literally find out the composition of what makes their eyes blue or their lips thick or thin… Is finding out that you are 2% Japanese, 1% Scottish and 75% German worth of selling your DNA? Wake up Cleveland, TN.

In the 50s, people were concerned about Big Brother and now we are essentially giving Big Brother our genetic blueprints for the sake of technology. Go figure.

It isn’t over. DNA data also discloses your hair color, your gender… Listen carefully: People are giving up the blueprint of themselves nowadays. Scary, isn’t it? What in the world people! People are giving these DNA Kit companies everything about themselves and putting them at risk. Sorry — That’s dumb. When is Christ coming? Soon, I bet. 

Let me put this I’m perspective. By making your DNA public, I bet that insurance companies are going to use your info against you and avoid coverage based on a pre-existing condition that is backed by DNA data? Uh oh. Now, you see why this scares me a bit. These DNA kits, which is modern technology applied on steroids, will have a negative impact on your life long term. 

Let me tell you one more thing. If you already have given your DNA privacy away, game is over. Too bad. I say this: Giving up your DNA privacy is worse than getting a tattoo because differently than a getting a tattoo, DNA results can’t be erased. I get worse.

Companies will find a way to profit from your data. Pay attention to what I’m going to tell you next. In fact, do me a favor. Call your spouse right now so he or she can hear what I’m going to what I’m going to say. Do what you can to be more human. Value of privacy. Make technology subordinate to you. We aren’t living in the old Soviet Union where the private life was dead. We live in America, the land where people value privacy. Well, at least that’s what we believe in theory, right?

Now, seriously. I’m very concerned about what these DNA kits will do to people’s finances and health. In addition to the fiasco that this new technology can do to your insurance policy, I’m afraid that you may also experience the following side effects of this technology in your life — How about the anxiety that these DNA kits will generate for people when they discover that they have a pre-disposition to getting cancer? People will be able to find you because of your DNA, which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t even want to go further with the possibilities.

It’s very scary but real.

You know, I have been writing for the Banner for over a year and I must admit in this column that this topic is making me very uncomfortable as I write it. I think it is too much for me to handle because I can see how people’s lives could be affected for the worst. Man, can you imagine being rejected for a brain tumor operation in 2035 on the basis of a DNA test done 18 years back? It will happen.

I want to keep my DNA private and you should do the same. Be very careful to not give your life away for the sake of technology. It isn’t worth the price, thats for sure. Remember this article next time you consider giving your DNA away. Your DNA privacy is to be kept intact, period.