The Expense of Social Media

How can I start writing this article, ladies and gentleman? All right, let me try answering this former question by saying this, “It is highly unlikely that social media will make people famous in any platform without people having a constant budget in the thousands and a group of talented media people to create awesome social media content. I am hearing little Johnie saying out loud on main street near Gardner’s Market, “Dr. A! How can that be? Didn’t Justin Bieber go viral because of youtube back in the day? Don’t people get famous all the time in social media? Well, let me clarify something for you little Johny. Let’s start with Justin Bieber — he became famous after a talent manager discovered him on youtube and then brought him out of the medium to mainstream society to scale his brand. The best way to answer the second question is to ask you the following, fellow compatriot. Who do you know who has gone viral on any social media platform without the assistance from either an influencer or a big budget these days? Probably zero.

Let me make a long story short for you guys. Knowing how to set a social media plan and policy, including the must needed social media tactics and techniques sections, is a must these days. However, just because we can design and develop social media campaigns incorporating tactics and techniques doesn’t mean that these campaigns are free of charge. It is much easier to scale operations for social media for an organization, when people are working with a group of eighteen. The reality, however, is that most people don’t have enough resources, both human and capital, in order to scale their social media accounts to the point of going viral. Can your neighbor go viral on youtube after recording his male cat doing something out of the ordinary in his kitchen? Everything is possible people but the chances of this happening organically is just very unlikely.     

Now, let me ask you this — Do you have a team of three to help you advance your brand in social media? How much money do you have to assist you with your brand on-line? It is no accident that a number of organizations in our region knock on my door asking for assistance with social media related work because, guess what, it is expensive! In fact, it is very expensive. How expensive you may be asking. Well it is $70 per month in order to manage your instagram account; Another 149 dollars a month in order to do analytics correctly… Oops, We are already at $220 a month! Shall we continue? I don’t think so! You got the idea. We haven’t even talked about content.

Dude, even when technology tools are given for free they aren’t really “free.” No wonder why millions of Americans are getting literally sick because of technology as many believe that they can actually do all this work without funding and human resources. Don’t be like them! Nobody can spend seventeen hours a day in front of a machine in order to build the social media presence we all are being asked to do. What the “public” is asking you to do on-line isn’t possible to accomplish without experiencing severe side effects. I am starting to believe that you may be better by not owning a smartphone. Question. Why do you need a smartphone at home if you pay for that internet access? I bet you have a computer at home in addition to your iPhone. Am I wrong about this? If I am right, Isn’t that double dipping?

Social media work is expensive despite the fact that most tools are free. Today, in order for youth to be visible in social media, you need to pay and engage. Engagement is both a lot of work and it demands long hours of work 24/7 meaning that at 3:30am, you may need to wake up to engage with an important follower. Is this how you want to live your life? I don’t. The social media of today is more sophisticated. Spend your time offline getting to know influencers instead. I bet that your chances of going viral will exponentially increase after you practice your human skills more. Just saying…