Change Is Coming: Technology Is The Fuel

Let me break something to you. We are approaching the fourth industrial revolution. Energy, transportation, heath and communication will change drastically in the coming years. Get ready! The life of tomorrow won’t be anything like living how we live today in 2018. Our living systems are evolving at light speeds. Isn’t it true that we now have alternative methods for generating energy, new ways of transporting ourselves, receiving health care and communicating? Open your eyes. The future of humanity is already here.

We are going to witness a boom in smart power, or the technology that is able to self manage, in our life time. Don’t be surprised if you get a smart roof next time you change yours. Some of the ways we have traditionally moved tangible products in the past is already changing. We are seeing a peak in the adoption of labor robots in companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart and a plethora of self driven cars being introduced into the market. This trend won’t go away, by the way.

Telemedicine will explode within a decade, I bet. The technology is already here. Our systems are robust enough to accommodate this obvious trend. Medicine is expensive! We need an alternative to the high costs of health care. Can technology help us with making care more affordable? Probably, but at what cost to the local economy?

The way we are going to communicate with each other in the near future will make us laugh about how we used to communicate in the past. Did you remember the movie Superman back in the late 1970’s? Many of the things we saw in that movie, such as holographic images, will be mundane for most if not all of us.

Get ready for the idea of wearing third party mechanical parts in your body. People are going to need them in order to make a decent living in the future. Some are predicting that we are going to increase our economic growth in the years to come probably because of wearable technologies. I don’t know about that. Sure, technology in this instance is good because it may help us to make a better living. Would you be comfortable wearing an RFID chip in your arm? I’m not comfortable with that. How about you?

I am skeptical that human labor alone will be a big part of this boom in productivity. We may see an overall increase in our gross national product because of technology advancements but in an age where the natural and the artificial are merging, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that companies will look for the superhuman employee or the perfect robot. The employee of the future is going to perhaps be a merge of digital and biological. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the world economic forum, goes further to state that “the fourth revolution won’t change what we are doing, it changes us.” I concur.    

We are living in a period of transition where the unknown will meet innovation. Don’t be anxious about what is about to happen tomorrow in regards to technology and employment in our society. Focus on today’s problems and trust that God will take care of you regardless of how much you may think that technology is taking over. Don’t lose focus on what is important. Everything in life is changing including you. God is in control. You are not God.

Change is eminent. People of Cleveland, you will eventually be affected by the fourth industrial revolution and everything that is associated with it. Four of our most fundamental systems we have — energy, transportation, heath, and communication, will evolve. You will be transformed in one way or another. You may become a hybrid of man and machine for your own sake. The machine is expanding its lead. We are becoming an obsolete commodity in this old world of ours. I am not sure if the future will be necessarily promising for us. It will certainly be a technological one.

We live in a wild world.