Great Content Isn’t Enough


After dedicating 300 hours studying the essence of what makes social media catch on, I came to the conclusion that great content is only a part of what makes messages go viral on-line. Let me explain: Great content without being strategically grounded in a particular niche (for example my niche of motivation) is likely to be lost in this gigantic world we call the internet. In reality, creating great messages (content) and positioning them in a particular niche makes a lot of sense if you think about it. In the “real world,” grocery stores don’t organize their operation around selling steel to you. They are in business to make you happy through food. Creating great content into a niche are steps 1 & 2.

After positioning great content into a niche, people must have an audience. Now, this is where most non-influencers struggle to have their messages heard. Why? Because their level of influence is so insignificant (globally speaking) that even if their content is of great quality and belongs to an on-demand niche but it lacks a solid audience… it won’t scale beyond the the original network they already have. Forget about going viral at that point. It won’t move beyond your immediate circle of influence. My advice is for you to work on building your audience over time until setting any quantifiable goal of having to make any content go viral. This process should take between 2-5 years if you have a talent for what you are trying to convey, I suspect.

When you have great content grounded in a niche along with an audience to receive it, then the next step is to distribute the content. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use. If you have built a solid audience (on or offline), your content will be shared and spread, I bet. When that happens, all you need to do next is to repeat the process and you should be on your way to go viral.

Don’t get very excited now that you may know how this social media thing works a bit as of yet. Building that audience won’t be that easy. It seems to be the differentiator between those who scale their messages globally from those who rarely scale what they know locally. My recommendation: Work on building your audience as much as creating great content into a niche. This is my 2 cents.