When we choose to disconnect, we connect!

When we chose to disconnect, we connect! We start sharing our stories and meeting each other again with a smile on our faces in the most unexpected places. This is Will Clark, one of my advisees and a student here at the university. We had a great conversation today about how our break went which led to us to speak about academic advising and course selection… life.

It happened organically, off-line and during the day. I was waiting for a colada smoothie and he was sitting down studying in the lobby. It just happened. We weren’t on our phones. I had an abundance of happiness outside cyberspace and I loved it.

I’m convinced of this — In the new economy, having trust, connection and proximity to others is a currency. We don’t build the former very well by only chatting with others on social media networks. It is so much easier to tell our stories face-to-face!

Live your life to the fullest and connect with people. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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