I Earned The Right To Converse With Garrett By Disconnecting

The moment that you choose to engage in a meaningful conversation with a person, you earn the right to speak with that person and get to know that person better.  Today, I met a very nice young man. His name is Garrett. He is the youngest son of one of my peers at the university. He is clever, critical and seem to understand what’s like to live a life of technological balance. I’m glad we had the opportunity to speak.

We both had cell phones, but during our conversation, our devices were secondary to our act of conversing. We felt that exchanging ideas and thoughts was more important than texting or going to social media networks and liking random posts.

I must say that it is refreshing to know that there are young people out there who chooses to liver a lifestyle of technology moderation which I find it to be awesome.

In a period of 30 minutes, we engaged in a critical thinking conversation about lifestyle choices and as importantly — I earned the right to converse with somebody that I didn’t previously know. We even talked about possibility of connecting again another time. It is going to happen…

What a great day.


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