From A Technician to An Artist: What A Transition

I’ve been a technician of media for over twelve years. During this period, I had the opportunity to design and develop tons of websites, promotional flyers, corporate brochures and logos, a couple of songs, and a number of educational games. In addition, I’ve photographed a wide variety of sport events, church performances, and corporate gatherings in a number of states in America. I’m a communication technologist who knows how to use multimedia tools to produce tangible media artifacts. My art background is still a work in progress, though.

I got no formal training as an “artist”, only as a designer of media content. I’m glad to inform you that informally, I’ve been studying the history of the art for the past two years avidly. Perhaps, I should change my middle name to Picasso and live in Italy in 2021! Just kidding, of course. I don’t know about that but hey… I’m doing my work.

Right now, I’m transitioning from being a person who knows how to use the “toys” of media to someone who is literally engaging in producing timeless pieces of art. I mean, I’m transitioning from being a technician of media to the role of what I like to call a true artist… finally. Right now, I’m as interested in thinking about the intricacies of visual perception and appreciation… How to think art and appreciate different art forms as much as the development of the photograph itself.

I’m fascinated by impressionism. I can’t stop thinking about it, actually. It’s is challenge that I’ve been enjoying so far, I must admit. There is so much more to learn! It’s a wonderful feeling that I love.

Instead of simply taking a good photograph by applying the basic elements of design, e.g., the rule of thirds and lines of direction, for example, I now photograph by feeling, with the intent of producing new forms of perception without escaping reality. I still engage in some illusionist appeals (Produce my own filters and such… my baggage as a technician) but the appreciation of art forms and textures are now becoming priority during my quest to becoming a “true artist” in photography.

Emergent, I am. More sophisticated I will be, Lord willing. My past is currently helping me to construct a new future. Life is art. Artists we all should be. From a technician to an artist: What a transition, I say. Let’s keep the faith and keep doing art, if we may.