It’s My Time To Re-Brand Again

I’m 45 almost 46 years old. I can’t believe that I’m approaching 50. I don’t feel like it I must admit but hey… This is life, I guess. It’s time to re-brand again. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. At least, this is what Robert Greene recommends.

This is my new facebook banner. Do you like it? I hope so!


I’ve always had a lot of energy, passion, desire, love for righteousness, my brand deliverables need to have some red color on it. Yellow! I’m a happy, positive, loyal, who values the intellect. It only makes sense to have some yellow as part of my brand, as well. White: I still believe in faith, spirituality… The color white must be a piece of my new brand look, that’s for sure.

Social_media post

The example shown above was released on instagram today. I will revolutionize the look of all my social media accounts, now that the re-branding is finally completed. I will go 1000% forward with my mission of being authentic and motivational with colors that represent who I’m as a person. This is exciting!

I feel now like a new person. Rebranding is good for your mind. I recommend that you do the same, once in a while. I’m looking forward to what is to come next.

When we trust the Lord, wonderful things head your way. I’m grateful for everything.