I’M A Product As Much As A Professor

I’m becoming convinced of this. Students come to my classes because of me and because of how and what I teach. Dr. A is now a recognized brand in Cleveland TN who offers a fun and practical college experience in communication arts and golf from a Christian perspective at Lee University for students.

College professor’s experiences and accreditations seem to be as important now as the brand of the university itself, I think. Students in my golf class were as impressed if not more impressed that I hold a Masters Teaching Golf Professional “Class A” certification than me being associated with Lee University. Interesting…

I’ve heard from two students from my golf class telling their friends, “Dr. A knows golf. Register for his course.” I didn’t hear, “Lee University offers a golf class. Dr. A teaches the class.”

Students respect professor’s accreditations and experiences a lot these days, it seems. It made me think about my personal communication arts accreditations which right now, I have none other than practical experience and many years of action research on my topics of teaching expertise.

Not for that much longer…

I’m already working on being accredited in my area beyond research where my accreditation is a PHD.

In order for students to keep “buying Dr. A,” I better give students what they want. They seem to want Professor’ accreditation in addition to an academic degree and work experience, I feel. Maybe I’m wrong about this but with all honesty and humility… I don’t think so.

Onward and upward. I have some work to do and certifications to get. The former is already in motion, that’s for sure.

I need it. God is great. He shows me stuff.