My Latest Participations In The Harvard Business Review LinkedIn Discussion Board

Here are they…
HBR: Men rate their performance 33% higher than equally performing women.

Response: Hmmm, not sure if I buy that. I wonder how many of these men (or women) were the head of the household needing to provide for their kids and spouse. Stop making men look bad HBR with headlines like this. It promotes sexism.

HBR: Leaders have a responsibility to convince their people that they value their talents — and that they should, too.

Response: Well, it’s difficult or could be difficult to use your strengths when leadership purposefully doesn’t want employees to use them. And then, there is politics, jealousy, power, and so on.

HBR: One of the reasons we see far too little emotional intelligence in the workplace is that we don’t hire for it.

Response: That’s true. Most organizations hire resumes not people. That’s a big error, obviously.

HBR: Recognition and appreciation are two different things. And your employees need both. 

Response: Not sure if they are the same term but I agree with you HBR. Recognizing and appreciating people’s work, even if the contributions are small, need to occur. Let’s not forget that no leader can accomplish tasks alone. It’s elementary.

HBR: Do you need charisma to be a great public speaker. 

Response: No but it helps.

HBR: Multiculturalism can help you accomplish cross-cultural tasks, connect people, and develop creative solutions.

Response: For sure. The understanding of culture can de facto assist diverse groups to solve problems in a novel way and most definitely connect people in ways to solve ill problems creatively. I’ve seen evidence of the former.

HBR: Be grateful more often. 

Response: Great advice. Being grumpy and entitled don’t take anybody anywhere.

Hope you enjoyed.