My 10 Most Favorite Life Lessons

1. Love God above all things and trust His will.

2. Things in life move slow. Don’t rush into things without much thought.

3. Wishes come and go away. Buy only the necessary. Invest more spend less.

4. Marry well. A poor spouse can and probably will handicap his or her partner.

5. Read the fine print. Pay attention to the details. It will save a lot of headaches in your life.

6. It’s okay to quit. Quitting at the right time is an art to be learned. Master it.

7. People are selfish. Get used to this fact. Don’t expect much from people.

8. If opportunities don’t head your way, create your own opportunity. Life is too short.

9. The world isn’t just. Get used to it! When you get knocked down, stand up and start again.

10. Don’t compromise on your dreams. They keep you alive.

Author: Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida

Communication Arts professor who has taught over a thousand students in his career. By empathizing with his students, he advises them to think with no box and motivates them to have a successful college life. Through his multifaceted approach to traditional and new medias, his students have the opportunity to become better communicators. Dr. A has helped hundreds of young adults to truly discover who they are, what makes them tick and where their passions lie, in order to achieve long term success in life. He is a very productive college professor who can be found on a variety of social media outlets, public and academic sources, and even on merchandise showcasing his photographic art. Technology complements but doesn’t define him. Colleges house him but can’t hold him.