9 Reasons Why People Get Lonely

  1. Inflexibility: Nobody wants to be around anyone who isn’t accommodating. Inflexible individuals are doomed to die alone.
  2. Pride: The prideful is like a bubble waiting to burst. Sooner or later, those with much pride end up alone. I’ve seen a lot of this in my life.
  3. Fakeness: Genuine people hate fake. Fakeness push good people away and isolates.
  4. Misfit: A soprano Saxophone is different than a tenor, baritone, bass, and contrabass saxophones. When you don’t find your crowd, you get lonely.
  5. By Design: There is a lot of evil people in this world who could care less about others. Be aware.
  6. Isolation: Those who isolate themselves from others violate an important tenet of good group socialization. Talking with others! Isolate yourself, get lonely.
  7. Smartphone: We were made by God to communicate with others interpersonally. The less people talk with others in person, the more lonely they get.
  8. For Being Poor: It’s a sad state of affairs but is also biblical. The poor gets lonely because human beings seek to benefit from others for self gain. The poor is perceived to have nothing to offer.
  9. Choice: Some people want to be lonely and live a life of misery. God gives us free will. They choose to be lonely. Fair enough.