5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Wife

  1. It’s Okay To Be Yourself. Since I married Amanda, I have been living my life to the fullest without any regrets, with little stress, always doing the impossible to please others. My word is one and only one… no politics. What a blessing.
  2. Your Co-Workers Aren’t Your Friends: Before I met her, I thought that my peers were to be my friends. She proved to me with logic and reason that the former can happen but is often unlikely.
  3. The Value Of Money:  I grew up in a wealthy family where spending was uncontrolled and free. I never balanced a checkbook and I always got what I wanted without much concern for debt. Amanda has helped me to see the importance of being frugal and with fixing things. I’m so glad.
  4. That I’m An Artist: Art has never been my forte until Amanda started to teach me another way to see the world — Through the lenses of art. Now, I argue that I’m more artistic than scientific. Kudos to Amanda for insisting this idea in me.
  5. Embracing The Entrepreneur Spirit: I struggled with creating ideas out of thin air and selling products when I was younger. I tried numerous times to be a business owner and failed them all. Since Amanda came to my life, I’ve developed a tireless capacity to build businesses from scratch, follow through. negotiate, network, and sell.