5 Things That Will Always Change

Change is a part of life. We might as well get used to this fact. In this article, I will share with you five things that will always change.

1. You — Every seven to ten years, human beings change at the cell level which means that you are literally different at 56 than you were at 14.

2. Technology — The 386 Pentium desktop is dead. The PowerPC chip that every mac in the 90’s had all over the world is now a dusty artifact in a computer museum somewhere in Northern California. We talk in petabytes not kilobytes of hard drive space anymore.

3. The Seasons — Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

4. Car Cost — In 1958, a base Chevy Corvette costed $3591. In 2020, a base Corvette costs $55900.

5. Me — I refuse to settle for the mundane. I’m always in a state of flux, adapting to my environment, learning new lessons and reshaping my brand. I embrace change.

In summary, things change… It’s a part of life. we might as well realize that and live life accordingly.