I’m A Leader Who Empowers And Dreams

I’m currently serving as the President of the Cleveland Media Association, a local organization that brings together media professionals in the Region to discuss issues relating to the field of media every month. I’ve enjoyed this experience very much.

I empower and let our board members dream. It’s not my organization, it’s our organization, I say. If any of my peers have a good idea to be implemented, I say… let’s do it! And we do it. I will never stop anyone from dreaming and wanting to do good for any of the institutions where I hold a leadership position.

I’ve been known for being a Shackleton style kind of leader with a marine style loyalty. I don’t leave any member of my team behind and I care for all. It’s me, it’s my style. It’s how I do business.

The present is here for us to live. The future? Only the Lord knows… I’m going to keep empowering and dreaming about great things with my peers at CMA. The former is good for the soul and a refreshment to the mind which I find it quite necessary sometimes.

Be a man or women of faith who cares for people. Talent is to be celebrated not questioned. We live in an economy of abundance where employee supply is high but the supply of loyal, hard working people who is kind and fits a culture is quite scarce.

Kindness and trust disarm, retain, and inspire people to be their best. If you treat your team well, they will perform at their best. You win, over and over again. Be a leader who empowers and dreams with your people and forever you will have buy-in support and great work being produced by your unit.

Everybody wins, including you.