Life Is Half Random

Mark Cuban once stated, “Life is half random.” I agree with him. The big changes that happen in our lives happen without planning, they just happen.

I didn’t plan to leave the first university that granted me tenure. At random, our family moved down to Mississippi overnight. Did I plan for it? Heck no.

I didn’t grow up in Brazil planning to move to the USA, either. Are you serious? I didn’t plan to drive a Passat in the US, no. My plan was to drive a Chevy Camaro.

I most definitely didn’t plan to live in an apartment at 46 after having owned multiple houses. Laughable.

The corona virus came out of nowhere and is now a pandemic. Were we expecting it? Not really. I wasn’t planning to teach my classes on-line for two weeks this semester, either.

I applied to many academic jobs this past year, mostly non-administration. I interviewed for several jobs mostly for Department Chair.

I wanted to retire at Lee University. That was my plan… God had other plans for me. Instead of staying for 30 years, I stayed 3. Ironic.

My conclusion?

God is in control, you know? It doesn’t matter what you and I think. All that matters is what God thinks. Part of what happens to us is random.

I’m gonna leave you with two more thoughts in this article. Are you ready for them? Here we go.

1. Live your life to the fullest and don’t get blind sided with too much planning. The big events that really change us in this life happen at random often not planned by anyone but God.

2. Changing culture is utopian. Planning on changing someone or something will eventually change who you are. If you don’t want that to happen, don’t even attempt.

My advice? Be who you are. Be bold and move if you have to. It’s less stressful. Trash unattainable plans and be you. Things happen, at random.

Remember: God will provide. Have faith! Don’t be afraid.