Are We Ready To Face The Psychological Effects Of The Coronavirus?

We are being asked to be at home, on lockdown and isolated, social distance six feet away from others is highly recommended, and that we can’t predict this pandemic infection because the coronavirus isn’t symptomatic… for maybe months on end in a hope to stop spreading the virus. It’s the right thing to do, of course. However, have you thought about the psychological consequences of the coronavirus pandemic?

I’m hearing a lot of reports on mainstream media about the physiological effects of this virus but little to none reports about its psychological effects.

According to the American Psychological Association, social isolation can kill you. Kassandra Alcatraz states, “Our research significantly shows that the magnitude of risk presented by subjects being isolated socially is quite similar in magnitude to that of obesity, smoking, lack of access to care and physical inactivity,”

She also stated that among participants of African-American descent, social isolation doubled the risk of subjects dyeing early, while isolation increased the risk of death among caucasians by 60 to 84 percent. UCLA physician Steven Cole has stated that being alone can have a negative effect on a subject’s overall health.

I’ve developed an ability to make myself busy at home no matter the circumstances. I know a number of people, however, who would literally go crazy if asked to stay in quarantine at home for three months without having contact with family members and friends, especially single working adults used to being highly productive in their careers.

This pandemic is for real. It’s serious and we need to pay close attention to its developments in the United States. The physiological effects of this crisis are already being seen by people all over the world, especially in China, Italy, Iran and us here in the United States. We haven’t seen the psychological impacts as of yet.

I suspect that we are going to hear about these psychological impacts very soon. Isolation can mess with people’s minds. We are experiencing an attack from an enemy with an army that we just can’t see.  Unpredictability is also frightening to many. All we have now is God, the almighty. Thank God we have Him. Thanks be to God, always.