A Message To You About The Corona Virus

Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a great evening. I myself am wondering about the impact of the corona virus on us — The economical, sociological, educational, and psychological effects of this crisis are significant and very serious.

I think that this is the black plague of our times. It’s not propaganda or fake news. It’s a pandemic… I could focus on so many areas that this virus affect us but I will focus on its effects on human resources.

The American GDP IS 19.39 trillion dollars as of 2017. This country is what it is because of its people. I’m a college professor. Being a PHD has a cost. The cost of of tuition to get a doctorate degree alone at Penn State where I graduated from is $73,816.

A physician has to pay on average $240,000 in medical school, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. That’s a lot of money! How many PhD’s and Physicians alone do we have in this country?

Look, for many years I have stated that we (people, human beings), are the biggest assets of our economy not technology. Technology is a tool. We are the force driving these tools.

This week, our economy stalled! America attracts the very best in the world. Our human resources is incredibly valuable to the overall American operation. I say this to you…

Take care of your people. Keep them near you and ensure that you appreciate them. A computer is just machinery. A human being drives your economy. Truth.

I pray to the Lord that this pandemic ends soon. So help us God.