Americans Are Finally Relaxing

I have the feeling that the COVID19 pandemic is going to change the way we live in the US, after this crisis is controlled. For the first time since I came to this country, I’m seeing people actually relaxing en mass.

Since the 1970’s, most Americans have worked extra hours in order to compensate for freezing in hourly wages which as a consequence has resulted in a people who have been exhausted, overworked and underpaid, for the most part.

I’m not sure if many Americans will now sacrifice what they have finally gotten unless they absolutely need the money for survival. Inevitably, there will be many who will gladly work 60 hours a week in order to be able to eat out, and buy, buy and buy more. Many will not anymore, I bet.

I don’t know man. Maybe I’m in the minority of people who think this way. Are we going to redefine trades after this crisis is over? Only time will tell… people are relaxing.

Would they want to gamble what they got for the opportunity to eat out, buy another cheap product made in China, or for the opportunity to buy luxury items?

Hmmm, I’m skeptical.


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