What A Colossal Lack Of Wisdom

War ships are being brought back to host COVID19 patients… Meat trucks and parks are now being used to host the sick, as well. There are tents here, there are tents there.

Yet, most colleges and universities have empty classrooms, including schools in NYC. We could help in this war like crisis. We have four and a half months before classes begins in person next Fall.

What a colossal lack of wisdom, ladies and gents.

Look, I realize that in the big scheme of things, my contributions to saving lives and influence others in this country is very small. Most of the things I say, most people ignore. I’m average, I get it.

I don’t know man… In the great depression, the market dropped their prices in order for people to be able to somehow live, en mass.

I’m afraid that we are dealing with a “virus” that is as deadly as the COVID19 — Greed.