What Nobody Is Talking About

Yes, the coronavirus is for real — It grows exponentially in the United States, made millions of people be jobless almost overnight, it doesn’t give appropriate time for masks to be distributed to hospitals in a timely fashion, you name it. What nobody is talking about is that we perhaps have a worse virus than the COVID19.

Greed from major corporations.

Since the 1970’s, employee’s wages have been nearly flat when controlled for inflation, which has resulted in a desperate people having to work more hours per week and rest less in order to live pay check to paycheck.

By greed I mean, corporate greed.

When was the last time that you got an increase in your salary? For three years in a row? How about five? When you don’t get that increase in pay, do you work less the following year to compensate for freezes in wages?

I bet you work the same or if not more every year. Am I wrong?

Your productivity increases. Cost is flat for the organizations resulting in more profit for the Masters of Mankind. At least, this is what we learned from Noam Chomsky.

No wonder why companies have so much money to keep buying each other out. What does the working class get? Access to credit to be payed back with interest.

It’s an employer’s Nirvana! Richard Wolff claims.

The unions are dead, at will work is the norm especially in the southern states. Wages have been low for almost 50 years.

No wonder why Americans are tense and anxious about a future with no work. The virus broke many small business owners already. I argue that corporate greed has significantly decreased Americans from having emergency funds to be used in times like the ones that we are living today.

COVID19 kills. Greed kills too. It just kills indirectly. What a tragedy. There will be many deaths because of this pandemic and corporate greed.

That God be with them. They will need it.