12 Thoughts I’ve Shared Lately In Social Media Networks

Are you ready for this? Here we go… Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  1. Good article. After scanning the document, I see the value of your publication. There are times, however, that moving is your best option. It’s okay to find job fulfillment by moving. When opportunity head your way, take advantage of them — In response to an article published at the Harvard Business Review titled How to make the most of the job you already have.
  2. Gratitude, everybody. Give thanks to God for everything… My position still stands in regards to #COVID19. Control the pandemic.
  3. Colleges and universities are loosing a great opportunity with this crisis. Work with hospitals and be good citizens of your communities by opening campuses to temporarily serve as an annex to a hospital.
  4. Very few people know that in my early 20’s, I composed a number of songs including “Amanha Sera Um Novo Dia,” which translates as “Tomorrow Will Be A New day.” I feel this one is appropriate for the times we are in these days. Let’s beat this crisis by staying home! #coronavirus
  5. As the great Kenny Rogers once said, “You’ve got to know when to hold them… and when to fold them! When to walk away and when to run…” We MUST walk away from this one. You are our best asset. #covid_19
  6. I applaud Dr. Driscoll and the IUP community for canceling all face-to-face classes this Spring and for finding ways to substitute internships and help students. This is great leadership.
  7. What my dad, a corporate CEO… and my uncle, a founding partner of an investment bank told me today about this crisis made me speechless. I don’t mean to scare you but this crisis is much bigger than some of you may think.
  8. Have some fun, go play the guitar, read a book, watch a movie… Don’t let this crisis make you depressed or sad. Remember Christians, God is in control. #covid_19
  9. Give us a chance to beat this virus. It starts with non-essential staff to be home. It’s time to act!!! NOW. “Give People Chance!” “Give Us A Chance.” Let’s do what we can to stay safe by staying home.
  10. You know man, the responsible thing to do for colleges and universities, in my opinion at least, is to cancel in-person classes and graduation this Spring. Classes can be delivered on-line and there is always Summer (or Fall) graduation.
  11. One of the lessons I’ve learned early on in my academic life was to design and develop all my classes for distance education. I took a step further and now have a complete system of advising at a distance created by yours truly. Students register for a spot on-line, the system pings me with their time and notifies students about their appointment. Communication is done through skype (or zoom). All advising notes are sent straight from my site to the student’s email account with notes after the session is over. My developer brain was at work last year after 5:00pm.
  12. I couldn’t be more prepared for a temporary shift to distance education course delivery. I created a live chat function on my site for office hours, a CMS on my site containing all the content for my courses, a FTP protocol for accepting unlimited size files, as well as a week by week plan on what to do, using programmed instruction. Yes, I got a zoom account. This is the instructional designer in me.

That’s it! 🙂