Are We Going To See COVID19 Coach Masks?

The COVID19 is here to stay. It’s impact in our economy has been colossal and is on-going. Companies, especially retail driven ones, must seek a way or create a market in order to stay afloat in this pandemic. Coach, listen to me. Forget bags for a while… Create face masks with a touch of style.

You could be the first luxury retailer to design a classy COVID19 face mask and dominate the newly created luxury masks global market. If I was your consultant right now, that’s exactly what I would recommend you to do.

Why not? Think about it. First, you got no competitor in the category Yves Saint Laurent is thinking about producing masks for hospitals and that’s great. Coach, you can then serve the fashionable, wealthy and aspiring wealthy.

It’s logical to me, if you ask.

Second, this new virus (COVID19) won’t go anywhere or disappear overnight which means that your luxury masks can be used to reduce the chance, especially among the elderly, to catch the COVID-19 indefinitely as we as the influenza or a strong common cold.

Lastly, I bet that Americans are going to be used to using face masks more often than before because of fear. In addition, people must find a way to engage in hourly transactions so that we have a multitude of markets again and therefore a working economy.

Our country has stopped. You have the upper hand and the resources. It’s time to take the initiative and be proactive.

I wish I had your working capital right now, Coach. I would create these luxury masks immediately and would thrive to be the very first luxury company to produce luxury masks for the public.

Stylish, durable, coach quality! It’s logical to me. Is it logical to you? I hope so.

Your turn.