What COVID19 Allowed Me To Do…

The coronavirus pandemic has been quite debilitating to a large number of American families and foreign nationals. There are too many families struggling financially right now. A sizable number of Americans are also suffering from depression and anxiety because of this crises. Despite of these challenges, I decided to make the best of it and acquire what I should have done years ago. Certifications.

I’m now certified in the following programs.

1. Adobe Photoshop Certified

2. Adobe Spark Certified

3. WordPress Certified

I’ve learned a lot this month, I must add. I hope to get certified in another Adobe product by the end of the month, by the way. My goal at Talladega College as Chair is to encourage faculty members to undergo certification in order to help our students to get jobs in the media industry after graduation.

I also had the opportunity to organize four 1 terabyte hard drives, read books, spend quality time with my wife and daughter, play the guitar and edit a gazillion photos to be displayed on my Website.

We even went for a family photoshoot in a location nearby where we practiced social distancing! I went on an assignment since a gallery has accepted my photo work to be included in an exhibition,

Onward and upward, I say. This pandemic allowed me to finally create my own professional development and think critically about media and my career.

It’s been rough living under the COVID19 pandemic guidelines. No being able to visit my parents in their new house or see my family in Atlanta, wear a mask when going out, cleaning my hands and taking multiple showers everyday…

It’s challenging! But with God, even the impossible is possible and what appeared to be a distant goal now just became a main priority. The CPP certification from PPA is also in the works. God willing.

In sum, God is good. This virus might be changing the way we live in the United States but it also has given us the opportunity to achieve many other personal goals that otherwise would have been very difficult to achieve.

It’s ironic but it’s very real.