The 5%, The Poor, And The Rest Of US

The USA has the 5% and the masses, with a small number of billionaires and the true wealthy class at the top, many more poor people than billionaires at the bottom, and a population in between with limited and shallow wealth. Decisions made in the 1980’s have destroyed this country’s middle class, in my opinion.

A large number of Americans cannot survive without a credit line after 6 weeks of unemployment in Las Vegas. I’m not surprised, actually. This crisis is much more problematic than people think. In a nation where guns are allowed to be bought, mixing the former with hunger and depression can be a dangerous combination.

For many years, I’ve heard this rhetoric, “We need to reduce the population of the world…” a pandemic or unemployment/hunger at biblical proportions can do it. Hmmm, I think we are going to see a major war soon. The globalization experiment and its inevitable impacts on the ecosystem maybe unsustainable.