17 Pieces Of Advice I’ve Learned From Brazilian Leaders That Helped Me To Succeed In Life.

The bible teaches us in proverbs 15:22 that “Without consultation, plans are frustrated,
But with many counselors they succeed.” Clearly, listen to advice given by trustworthy individuals can make your plans to succeed. These seventeen pieces of advice have helped me tremendously throughout my adult years. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

  1. “With God, you can’t play with.” My dad.
  2.  “You can’t achieve anything without discipline.” PC Palhares.
  3.  “Always be prepared because opportunities come without notice.” Dr. Sylvio Fraga.
  4.  “You need an American education.” Jose Luiz, my uncle.
  5. “When you achieve greatness, people will find a way to put you down.” Joel Correa.
  6.  “You need a diploma even if it reads “Dumb.” Mario Gonzalez.
  7.  “You should only change plans when things aren’t working.” Nilo G. de Lemos.
  8.  “Woman prefer a man’s success over an in-shape body.” Chico Souza Dantas.
  9.  “Wishes come and go away on their own.” Wilson Martins.
  10. “Trust distrusting.” Iracema de Carvalho.
  11.  “Show me what you can do with what you have.” Bruno Prosperi
  12. “Go to the United States, no mater where.” Agilio Macedo.
  13. “Double or Nothing.” Rafael Garcez.
  14. “Give yourself a chance to win by avoiding disaster.” Vilmar Charao.
  15. “Treat and pay your employees well for their services.” Douglas Canedo
  16. “You have to practice your craft hard and smart.” Rafael Rocha Miranda
  17. “Staying local isn’t always the best decision in life.” Zezinho.