Bring Back The American Middle Class Before Is Too Late

The Problem We Are Facing

The USA has more citizens classified as lower income than Germany, Denmark — 26%, 18% and 14% respectfully. America has the smallest percentage of middle class income when compared to 11 other western European nations. The former presents a problem to the way we live in this country. The American dream is becoming more distant to many. 

CNBC states that in reality, the American middle class now makes up just over 50 percent of the total U.S. population.  

That’s alarming and worth doing something about as the percentages of middle class households in the United States of America are declining.  

The Number Of People Affected 

This petition conservatively affects 164,000,000 people in the United States, as of April 30th, 2020.

The Solution  

Bring a sizable number of industries back to the United States, hire American, and give incentives for American citizens and green card holders to “Buy American” in tax returns. The COVID19 pandemic has taught us that relying on products made overseas can be a treat to our national security. If we don’t solve the declining middle class trend in the US, a sizable amount of middle class families will drop to the lower class costing us billions of dollars each year in welfare costs alone. 

Why Do I Care?  

I’m a part of the Middle Class in this country. I dream of a prosperous future for middle class American families all across the United States, including mine. I want to see less poverty in our country, the 5% prospering, and having a healthy middle class population.  

Last Remarks 

We can do this. We can make this country’s middle class prosperous again, if we are reasonable about it. We have the capacity to turn things around if we want to, I say. Help me with gathering millions of petitions to make real change. 

I believe in America.  

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