My Unorthodox Way To Live

I’m not your typical adult male. I don’t buy t-shirts with logos, try to prove to others that “I’m making it,” or spend what I don’t have to impress my neighbor. Quite frankly,  I care very little about what others think about my unorthodox way to live. I live according to my means. FYI, I just don’t overspend and let the life choice of others impact how I live.

I believe in investing. Investing my time and resources to generate true wealth. My weeks are marked by speaking with like minded people who have an interest in achieving challenging goals and developing life changing ideas. Not even my parents know everything I own. Be careful with what you share.

The reason I prefer to live life this way is because human beings often find enjoyment in people’s disasters before celebrating their achievements. I’ve seen a lot of the former in my life and I’m sure that you have seen this a lot, as well. It’s human nature, many believe. I prefer to call it, “Small thinking.”

I have no time for it, literally. To me, abiding by the following principles are more important than engaging in any gossip, dark thoughts and/or fake appearances.

  • Having A Great Attitude
  • Regular Personal Development
  • Surrounding Yourself With Great People
  • Practicing Gratitude

This month, due to the COVID19 pandemic, I got three professional certifications. My goal for achieving the former is only one — To assist my family with living a better life by applying these new acquired skill sets for profit. Most of my friends and peers are enjoying this break watching television in their couches. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn valuable skillsets during this unexpected and debilitating incident, instead.

My plea? Live your life the same way! Don’t be a slave to your possessions. Be careful with buying big houses and expensive cars. They tend to be more of an expense and a way for some to impress their parents and “friends.”

Instead, invest your time and funds in tangible and intangible assets. Let them work for you when you go to sleep… Live according to your means and be grateful. Be a lifelong learner and surround yourselves with great people.

You don’t need to impress your neighbor (or a family member) about the things you do or have. All you need to do is to live your life for God with reason, especially financial reason.