30 Positive Comments Students Have Said About My Teachings Since 2017

Like most college professor out there, I’ve heard both positive and negative comments about my teachings over the years. During my time at LeeU, I’ve heard comments ranging from, “Give this guy a raise!” to “He isn’t a good teacher.” It happens, it’s normal and a part of the game.

The comments listed below are 30 random comments I’ve heard from students in a couple of my classes during a teaching semester. The overall big data analyses of what they wrote about my teachings equates to the words, “Class, Like, Time, Students, Learned, Think.” Perhaps this meant, “Students Think Like Class Time,” “Students Think Learned Class,” “Like Class,” “Learned.”

Anyways. Here are student’s comments…

1. Best professor at Lee. He cares. So I want to care.

2. Overall, I was extremely happy with this class and have felt like I learned a lot that I can apply to the real world. This class has equipped me for job interviews and much more.

3. Dr. A is a very passionate professor, which is always helpful in motivating students to learn and understand course material.

4. Dr. A is wonderful at simplifying concepts to help us memorize them instead of just learning them for a quiz or test. He uses a lot of repetition and it makes it easier for us to remember what we are learning.

5. Expanded my knowledge of mass comm and how to collect data in an effective and efficient way.

6. He showed us how to produce and digest research information.

7. Help related subject matter to real life.

8. I have learned about validity and reliability. as well as I have been able to get hands on experience with research

9. I think the hands-on projects have been most helpful in learning the subject matter.

10. Dr. A cares so deeply for his students. He is also wonderful when it comes to helping us with things outside of class as well as in class. He is also a big encourager for his students to get their higher education. I am thankful for him and this class.

11. Overall, I like your teaching style. Lenient and considerate and yet, we remember what is important.

12. Dr. A is very accessible outside of class when we need help and has shown he truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed.

13. Gave me insight on the matter of various social media platforms in a caring and passionate manner.

14. He always makes the class fun and creates an atmosphere that makes you want to come to class every day.

15. He cares about students and is always willing to help.

16. He helps us learn through hands on homework thats practical to what we are learning.

17. He is very motivating, and always encourages you to be the absolute best you can be. He has helped me learn to have confidence in the social media world. 

18. I can tell in the way he talks to us how much he cares about us. He really wants us to exceed! It’s nice to have a professor that really and truly wants us to succeed.

19. Dr. A is really cool and you can tell that he legitimately cares about us as students! I love that he praises our generation when a lot of times people can only find the bad in it. He also takes time to get to know us outside of class which is very rare. Keep it up Dr. A!

20. Always repeated information until we understood. Thank you for teaching me.

21. This is the first time I’ve had Dr. A and I really enjoy the atmosphere he creates in the class. He is the best listener and is so open to other ideas that people have. I love that! It’s a very welcoming environment. Dr. A is the best!!!

22. Dr. A is always offering time to meet with his students outside of class. This is not just office hours, but he will come say hello if he sees students in the Caf, or even in the mall. His enthusiasm for the subject motivates me to learn, and his outgoingness motivates me to reach out to others.

23. Dr. A has taught and been able to help me understand the basics of creating a web page to promote myself to the workforce. He has been able to make the class itself take on a more business like feel to help students after graduation.

24. He has really shown us how to make our own sites in our own unique ways. It’s been extremely helpful.

25. He is passionate about helping us succeed. He gives good feedback to encourage us and point us in a direction that will help us do well in his course and outside of the classroom.

26. When I have a chance to actually ask him questions about Web Design using WordPress, he can answer my questions.

27. I have learned a lot about different cultures in this class and I love that!

28. Dr. A tried to make group activities, that aren’t boring, and fun to participate in, using real life examples of other cultures… I have found to be a very helpful tool during the duration of this class.

29. He has experience, accessible outside of class for questions, engaging in open discussions in class. I appreciate the real world examples he has provided. 

30. I enjoyed having Dr. A in. class! He’s awesome!