Six Things That Money Or Influence Can By

What I’ve seen in my life; money or influence can buy these six things maybe more…

1. Friends — A well known satanist musician is full of friends despite the fact that he is known for being a follower of the devil.

2. A new identify — A former porn star is now labeled as a pop culture expert on cable television.

3. Media exposure — I once had access to a database where I could pay $5000 to be on a major TV network. No wonder why successful entrepreneurs are disproportionally wealthy.

4. Contracts for their kids — Money generates more money, fame and influence buys a spot for well known figures to promote their own kids, increasing the likelihood that they sign multi-million dollar contracts.

5. Time — Those who are wealthy or influential often have more time for dealing with a crisis than those who don’t. They can error for much longer and recover. Remember, “time is money.”

6. School admission — The recent scandals in college admissions in California alone illustrate this sad reality. Got the dough? “We find a way to bring you in for the right price” it seems.

And there are many who believe that the system is equal for everybody… hmmm, not really.