31 Comments I’ve Heard From Students During The Fall Of 2019.

  1. Thank you for everything you did in class! I really enjoyed it and took away a lot of content that I am sure will help me in my future.
  2. Thank you so much for an excellent semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed your web design course and have learned so much from you!!
  3. Thank you for an awesome semester!!
  4. Thank you so much for your effort in the class. I enjoyed taking your class and also talking outside of it. You helped me with so many different things, I am very grateful. I look forward to learning Web Page design with you.
  5. Thanks for a great semester Dr A!
  6. Thank you for an amazing and highly informative semester!
  7. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and encouragement throughout the semester. It was very helpful!
  8. COMM-300 with Dr. A. has been incredibly helpful and beneficial! He has broken down things in a way that we are able to comprehend and retain.
  9. Quality stuff.
  10. His class is awesome. Very practical. Lots of skills to learn!
  11. Dr. Luis was great and helped me understand research better.
  12. Dr. A teaches this course really well! He demystifies the topic and allows you to learn without fear of getting overwhelmed.
  13. The instructor teaches every detail and helped out every student patiently. He is very kind and caring person. Dr. A is an outstanding professor and I would like to take his class again!

  14. He is very energetic and positive which really helps me to stay motivated and focused during class. He is always willing to answer questions to the best of his ability.

  15. He is passionate about the subject, available to students, and knowledgeable about WordPress.

  16. He has video tutorials on his website for almost any question we might ask him; they are super helpful if you miss something in class.

  17. Dr.A always has a lot of energy and it makes his early classes more high energy and exciting especially when you are having a rough morning!

  18. By walking around and helping each person with their sites. That’s really affective.

  19. Great professor who genuinely cares for the wellbeing of his students. Sometimes his imagination is greater than the abilities of his students at that time.

  20. Thank you for being so enthusiastic about this class! it brightens up my mornings!

  21. He is a great professor but even a better person.

  22. I admire Dr. Almeida’s passion for empowering students and I believe it helps students to take initiative in his class.

  23. Thanks for all you do!
  24. Dr. A has been very excited about the subject which makes us more interested in what we’re learning. He shows interest in our studies and helps us to do our best.

  25. I love Dr. A’s enthusiasm! He makes you want to learn and is very passionate about what he teaches. It’s easy to come to class when you have a professor who loves what they do.

  26. He is a great man who loves God and wants the best for his students in and out of the classroom.

  27. He goes out of the box and creates new ideas, offers different insights from social media experts, and gives us assignments that have clear instructions.

  28. This professor has helped me learn through social media. He is an excellent social media teacher.

  29. By being an energetic professor who puts a lot into his students and the class. He comes every day with the same enthusiasm and makes it easy to pay attention and stay engaged.

  30. He has provided excitement and energy to the class that motivates students to learn about social media and it’s effects in the real world.

  31. Awesome class that gives real world examples of the importance of social and how to market your brand on social media. Recommend for anyone that may have any interest in growing their accounts or knowledge about social media in the world today.