I Hope This Crisis Serves As A Wake Up Call

I hope that this crisis serves as a wake up call to the many global decision makers of our times. This COVID19 pandemic has made it clear that less skilled workers are as important to our economy as their wealthier specialists. 

Although human beings are 99% similar to each other in DNA, we have our own differences and peculiarities that makes us unique. The former doesn’t make any of us any better than anyone, in my view.

I say, “I’m a college professor, you are lawyer or a physician… but in value, we aren’t any less important than a truck driver, a clerk or a baby sitter.

We may have more years of formal college education than a cashier or a plumber but a society cannot function to capacity without having a plethora of professionals doing what they do best.

For the first time, I’m witnessing a number of Americans openly and publicly valuing the work of cooks and grocery store workers here in the south of the United States. I’m so glad.

They deserve as much respect and appreciation as anyone else. Next time that you see a professional making a honest living in the United States, don’t forget to be thankful for their work.

God bless us all! That includes our janitors and dishwashers too.