It’s About Money After All

The American police is afraid. I don’t buy this argument that the good cops are now speaking up against oppression, all of the sudden. The ones who are taking this stance are the clever ones… They understand that there are X of them and There are 1000X protestors.

The Trump leadership understands the former, I suspect. What would be the logical course of action he would take to protect the status quo? More force.

I bet the army will be on the streets this time, in one form or another. It’s becoming a vicious us versus them situation. Change is painful.

What is the status quo? This is what the status quo is to me — The wealthy controls the wealth and the masses submissively follows. It happens that a large amount of wealthy men in this country are white. The masses are more diverse and have more people of color in it.

This obviously creates serious problems for system functionality especially when the rate of acquisition and maintenance of wealth is disproportionally skewed in favor of the ruling class.

This inequality results in a serious threat for peace to occur in the system. No wonder why we have so much poverty and crime in this country. Where there is poverty and crime, there is intense police activity.

Understand this: In America, there is the ruling class and the masses. People either belong to one class or the other. Those who choose to be in between are opportunists. They play the game of life by elevating the powerful for self gain or play the guilty card for acceptance and protection.

The irony is that a large number of white people in the masses group defend the interests of the wealthy class many times sacrificing their own well being for little to no gain in return. It is a ludicrous philosophy but it happens. There are also wealthy white folks who seek acceptance and protection and therefore they seem to use seduction techniques to “belong” in the masses but they rarely live or work in a black or Latino community.

It’s pretty hypocritical if we think about it.

Some are very vocal and self righteous, often located in positions of privilege far away from the troubles that they write and speak about. If they happen to be educators, we don’t see most of these people working in HBCU’s. They talk much but do very little.

There is nothing new under the sun… as we learn in the Bible.

By the way, human beings are terrible at learning lessons from history — The ruling class repeatedly forgets that revolutions often start after much oppression in unequal wealth distribution scenarios.

Examples include:

  1. The French Revolution — Money driven.
  2. The American Revolution — Money driven.
  3. The Russian Revolution — Money driven.
  4. The Chinese Revolution — Money driven.

Or lack thereof.

The recipe for revolutions aren’t difficult to decipher when we define what is really at stake — The control of wealth.

Of course the police brutality that lead to the death of George Floyd and many other black and Latino males by the police is shameful to say the least. To me, however, there is a more sinister reason for why these events happen in the first place.

It’s financial.

African Americans (and Latinos) are disproportionally poorer than other ethnicities. No wonder why these groups are more oppressed than others, on average.

Slavery was about money.
Revolutions are about money.
Wars are about money.
These riots are about money too.

It’s a constant struggle between the haves and have nots, to me. In the process, people are discriminated against, are poorly treated and sometimes die.

What a tragedy! Or shall we say, a nightmare?