How An Independent Replies To A Stubborn Extremist

I proposed…

“It’s time for the ultra wealthy to apologize for what they have done to the United States’ middle and low classes and make a public statement about how they are going to fix the inequality that exists in this country. Failing to do the former, I suspect… will create more chaos and delay order. I’ve seen this movie before. Suggestion: Watch the movie Dr. Zhivago.”

A passionate opposer who seems to be in the lower middle class up north defended the ultra wealthy class as if they were giving her stock dividends! MAGA 2020! And much more.

Clearly she doesn’t know that I’m pro USA but this is a story for another article. Anyways…

The text below was my reply to Ms. Smith’s response to one of my posts in a social media network. Of course that the opposer attacked me after reading this demanding a response. She chose to still defend the same people who often make her job (and the jobs of many others) more insecure each year.

Her choice, not mine. Here it is…

LCA: I’m not ultra wealthy. I’m in the masses like you. I don’t know about you but my job isn’t as secure as many may think, differently from the ultra wealthy.

The richest people in America have the duty to apologize for the atrocities they have done to the middle and low classes in this country. Where millions don’t get a fair increase in hourly wages, many CEO’s get millions each year, are able to buy each other’s out (mergers and acquisitions) at the cost of your livelihood.

To complement, a small group of ultra wealthy board members decide the lives of too many workers when they decide to move a company overseas or layoff workers for a temporary increase in company’s position. The banks get bailouts in the tens of millions. How about small business owners?

Are you one? Do you get tens of millions in bailout?

Does it really matter that America is a wealthy nation overall, that I may make more than you, that I have x years of experience? Or that our country is still great?

I’m not asking for financial reparations, actually but reform in policies that oppress the middle and low classes dictating the future of too many by a few in a close door board member meeting.

The ultra wealthy is running the risk of losing what they got because of greed. The Russian revolution started this way. With opulence and disregard for the poor class. It’s a historical fact.

Understand this compatriots…

In America, there is the ruling class and the masses. People either belong to one class or the other. Those who choose to be in between are opportunists. They play the game of life by elevating the powerful for self gain or play the guilty card for acceptance and protection.

The irony is that a large number of white people in the masses group defend the interests of the ultra wealthy class many times sacrificing their own well being for little to no gain in return. It is a ludicrous philosophy but it happens.

Clearly, in my conversation with this person today in social media, she opted to defend those who make her job more insecure. I wonder how many of these folks suffer from the “Stockholm Syndrome?” Probably a few…

Go figure.